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Property for sale in Sofia - 2013 Analysis from Cash4BulgarianProperties

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The number of British and Irish apartment owners in Sofia who use the services of www.Cash4BulgarianProperties.com is rapidly growing! In 2013 we have got hundreds of requests for property evaluations and cash offers. We are happy to see an increasing volume of finished deals and clients trust in our company. If you have property for sale in Sofia, this could be the perfect time to look into your options. At Cash4BulgarianProperties we would be happy to help you explore all opportunities.

Below are some of our analysis for the property for sale market in Sofia.


property for sale in sofia - sellers analysisAnalysis 2013 (sellers – customers  use services of Cash4BulgarianProperties):

Sellers - Irish owners: 65%

Sellers - English owners: 25%

Sellers - Spanish owners: 10%



Realized deals in Sofia:  Belfield Residence (Studentski grad, Student's city), Miramonte Complex (Dragalevtsi), Vitosha park  Complex (Simeonovo), Monastery Complex (Simeonovo), Vitosha Tulip Complex (Krastova vada), Silver City Complex (Krastova vada), Cite Jarden Complex (Vitosha), Orchid Hills Complex (Vitosha), Comfort Residence (Motopista), Aquarius Complex (Dragalevtsi), Michelle Residence (Monastery Meadows), FOT Residence (Vitosha), Preslav Complex (Vitosha)

These are just small part of all the property deals that we have completed for the year 2013 in Sofia alone. Our analysis show that the majority of our clients come from Ireland. It has been estimated that over 30,000 Irish citizens own some kind of an apartment or other property type in Sofia and throughout the country. This is approximately 1 billion in property investments from just Irish owners.


property for sale in sofia analysisAnalysis 2013 (buyers - customers use services of Cash4BulgarianProperties):

Buyers Bulgarians: 70%

Buyers Russians: 30%




property for sale in sofia - analysisMost sought after apartment types in Sofia:

One bedroom apartment: 50%

Two bedroom apartment: 35%

Studio apartment: 10%

Large apartment: 5%


Our clients are not just sellers who are stuck for money. With the sale of their Bulgarian Property, they are looking to unlock the cash for new investment opportunities.

They also understand that the sale of their Bulgarian property involves a certain amount of loss. This is why, it is the priority of Cash4BulgarianProperties to evaluate and offer the maximum purchase price, which is inline with the property market conditions in Sofia and also keeps our clients satisfied.

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