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Are you truly happy with your property in BANSKO, BULGARIA? While there are several upsides to homeownership, as with everything in life there is always a cost to benefits. Over time, circumstances can change meaning that what may have once made your dream BANSKO home is an asset no longer serves you. We will explore these five ways to know your house in BANSKO RESORT is more trouble than it’s worth.

Taxes or Fees
BANSKO Property taxes may rise dramatically, depending on market fluctuations and could outpace any increase in your income over the same time period. Another expense that may be unplanned is tax assessments or homeowners association (HOA) fees for special projects, which can be extremely expensive. If you find that it is costing you a lot of money just to own your BANSKO property because of these fees or taxes, your house in BANSKO is likely more trouble financially than it is worth.

Sell Property In Bansko Fast

As homes age, the progression of repairs usually increases in both frequency and expense. Eventually between the effects of time and wear and tear, major systems and appliances wear out. Depending on the age and condition of the major structural elements, you could be facing thousands in structural or foundation issues, or even plumbing or roofing repairs. At the same time, the decor of the home usually needs at minimum a touch up, if not a complete updating. You may even need to consider major remodeling. If you are facing a great deal of upgrades and repairs, your house in BANSKO is probably much more trouble than it’s worth.

Maintaining a home can become extremely burdensome, especially if your circumstances change. While you may have had the time or the ability to handle all of the responsibilities of caring for your property when you purchased your BANSKO home, it may have become impossible physically or financially. Allowing routine maintenance to be delayed for prolonged periods can mean thousands of dollars in damage to your home, or worse. Should an issue such as an overgrown tree cause damage from falling limbs, you could be facing legal fees and penalties as well. Depending on the size of your property, hiring help could be quite costly as well, meaning your house in BANSKO is more trouble than it’s worth.

Downsizing or Upsizing
If your home isn’t working for your current needs, your apartment in BANSKO is more trouble than it’s worth. As time passes and families grow, they often find the house that worked perfectly when it was purchased has become much too small. Later in life, as homeowners begin to focus on retirement years, they often prefer to live in and maintain much less home. In either event, when your home just doesn’t suit you, it’s time to move on.

Difficult to Rent
If you can afford to hold the property, turning it into an investment property as a rental, your home could become a dependable source of monthly income. However, if your home is not in what is considered to be a good location in BANSKO, which would be desirable to tenants, it may be difficult if not impossible to find good tenants. Should you find yourself in this situation, your property in BANSKO is more trouble than it’s worth.

Would you like to avoid paying for these and other expensive costs homeowners face when their homes in BANSKO no longer suit their lifestyle? You can avoid these and many more unexpected costs by selling directly to Cash 4 Bulgarian Properties! Please give us a call today at + 359 878 60 77 22 to discuss these and other reasons why your house in BANSKO SKI RESORT may just be more trouble than it may be worth. To learn more about how to end your burdens of an unwanted property, send us a message or give us a call today!

Do you need to sell a property while buying another one? Finally ready to move but need to sell your existing home first? By listing your apartment on the traditional market, either with a real estate agent or on your own, the chances are likely that your dream home could fall through your fingers because you are not able to sell your current home. Looking for the easiest way to sell a property while buying another one in BANSKO, BULGARIA? Find out how selling directly to Cash 4 Bulgarian Properties could be the solution to your problems.

Guaranteed Closing

With a traditional listing, there simply is no way to guarantee when or even if your BANSKO apartment will ever sell. Regrettably, the longer a property lingers on the market, the more likely buyers are to pass it by in their initial search of listings, assuming that there must be something wrong with a property that sits for 50 days or longer which hasn’t been revealed in the information available. As more time passes, not only will you be forced to drop your asking price in hopes of getting an offer, you will absorb the cost of holding onto your current home, but your chance to purchase the new BANSKO home you wanted may be slipping away. Because Cash 4 Bulgarian Properties offers a guaranteed closing date, working with us is the easiest way to sell a property while buying another one in BANSKO, BULGARIA.


Often delays in moving forward with buying another BANSKO home before you sell your existing real estate is because contracts fall through because the buyer is unable to qualify for financing. Because selling directly to Cash 4 Bulgarian Properties means being paid in cash, the closing is guaranteed. This is another benefit of selling directly that makes working with Cash 4 Bulgarian Properties the easiest way to sell a property while buying another one in BANSKO, BULGARIA.


Selling to a direct buyer like Cash 4 Bulgarian Properties usually involves purchasing the property as-is, or just exactly as it sits. While it is possible you will realize a little less for your home, we offer a fair price. If your  BANSKO home isn’t brand new, avoiding the costs of renovations, updates and repairs could end up saving you thousands of dollars in expenses. You could also be facing weeks or even months of delays as the repairs take place. Avoiding these costs and headaches also make selling directly to Cash 4 Bulgarian Properties the easiest way to sell a property while buying another one in BANSKO SKI RESORT, BULGARIA.

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Your Timeline

Should you find a buyer, if there are any delays with moving into your new home, with traditional listings, your buyers will have already made plans to move in. Contingencies for this reality are likely built into your sales contract. At this point they are likely to demand you make other arrangements, surprises with your new home closing can be both inconvenient and expensive. Especially if you are forced to find temporary housing in a hurry. Because Cash 4 Bulgarian Properties isn’t worried about moving into the property, the closing date can be very flexible. Cash 4 Bulgarian Properties is happy to work with you on your timeline. This is another reason that selling directly to Cash 4 Bulgarian Properties is easiest way to sell a property while buying another one in BANSKO, BULGARIA.

The easiest way to sell a property while buying another one in BANSKO RESORT is to sell directly – listing has too many unknowns. If you are ready to save time, avoid repairs, skip the cleaning, forget about showings, paying high commissions and fees, Cash 4 Bulgarian Properties is here to help. These are just a few of the reasons selling directly to Cash 4 Bulgarian Properties is the easiest way to sell when you are ready to buy your next BANSKO apartment. To learn more, send us a message or call Cash 4 Bulgarian Properties + 359 878 60 77 22.

It’s been said that selling property in BANSKO can be more stressful than many other major life events. When you’re under duress and need to sell quickly, additional strain is added to the mix. We’ll help you by exploring your options when selling your BANSKO apartment.

Exploring All of Your Options When Selling Your Property in BANSKO

Listing BANSKO Agent


Let’s explore selling your apartment in BANSKO through a professional real estate agent, which is the traditional method. Agents are paid based on a percentage of the sale price in addition to other possible fees they or their broker may also charge. Market conditions can impact your asking price in this demand-driven market.

You’ll need to invest in updates and repairs in preparation for showings while playing a waiting game until the right buyer comes along. Usually requiring inspections of the property, they may also require repairs prior to closing. Sadly, you could end up with a buyer that doesn’t qualify for the mortgage, after taking all of the steps to meet the qualifications from banks and waiting for the mortgage underwriting process and property inspection.

Cash Offer

Because professional buyers usually offer cash, you can expect a quick closing on your property in BANSKO. The sale is usually as-is, which speeds the process even further, saving you both time and money. This also alleviates you of the legal responsibilities associated with disclosure.

Professional BANSKO buyers are taking higher risks, offer faster cash sales, and usually pay the closing costs. For these reasons, their offers are usually lower than properties sold listed on the property portals. Regrettably, there are less than honest buyers who may try to take advantage of time or financial constraints you reveal to them, so research carefully just who you’re working with. At Cash 4 Bulgarian Properties, we are dedicated to making offers to BANSKO homeowners that are fair and well thought out.

For Sale By Owner

Selling a property in BANSKO on your own may sound appealing because you will be controlling everything. Professionals, such as BANSKO real estate agents or auctioneers, charge fees for their services, cutting into your profits. Should you be experienced regarding legal issues where real estate advertisements and transactions are involved, you can save a great deal of money on the deal. However, it can be extremely costly and legally devastating to make an error on either advertising or how you handle all of the aspects of your sale with the buyer.

Cash 4 Bansko Bulgaria

Short Sale

Depending on the circumstances you find yourself in, you may be able to negotiate a short sale with your lender. You will want to note that this is a very slow-moving process which means that the lender has agreed to allow a sale for less than the remaining debt on the loan.


Avoiding the headaches of showing your BANSKO apartment is one of the favorable aspects of auctions. Additionally, these properties close quickly, selling as-is, so you won’t need to continue to pour time and money into repairs and upkeep of your property in Bansko, Bulgaria.

Keep in mind the usual fee for their service is a rather high 10 percent of the final purchase price. Because most auctions charge their fees to the buyer, lower bids are likely to be made in the attempt on the buyer’s part to pay a lower fee. Make sure you’re aware ahead of time if you’ll be responsible for their fee, which takes more away from your bottom line. Actually, realizing a sale of the property at auction isn’t guaranteed, there could low attendance or several properties up for auction at the same time, leading to lower bids

We’re happy to further explore all of the options for getting started now on selling your property in BANSKO. Just call Cash 4 Bulgarian Properties today at + 359 878 60 77 22 or send us a message to learn more!

Snow Legend, Bansko

The 3-star unique hotel Snow Legend offers a modern accommodation within easy reach of Gondola Lift, which is about 9 minutes` walk. Featuring luxurious architecture, the hotel is welcoming guests since 2006. Snow Legend Hotel is located within 10 minutes' walk from the center of Bansko. A short walk to a valley and mountains as well as ski lifts.


Are You looking to sell your property in Snow Legend, Bansko?

 Resale market traditionally offers more attractive prices. Currently in (Snow Legend Complex), there are resale apartments in the complex at the following prices:

Studio apartments – 10.000 to 12.000 Euro

One-bedroom apartments – 17.000 Euro to 22.000 Euro

Two-bedroom apartments – 27.000 to 30.000 Euro

If you consider selling your property in Snow Legend, Bansko don’t miss the great opportunity to get a Free Property Valuation from the experts at Cash4BulgarianProperties or a CASH offer for your property within 24 hours.

Contact us by e-mail info@cash4bulgarianpropertis.com or by phone +359 (0) 878 60 77 22!


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You have a property for sale in Snow Legend Complex? We have a client for it!

Our company www.Cash4BulgarianProperties.com specializes in the rapid sale of apartments, which are located in gated communities such as Snow Legend Complex in Bansko Area.

There is great interest from our customers (cash buyers) who are ready to buy immediately an apartment in the complex. For the  third quarter of 2017 we have received over 30 requests from clients who are willing to purchase a property in Snow Legend Hotel, Bansko Area.

Basic search:


If you own an apartment in Snow Legend, Bansko and need to sale your property, can easily transgress a deal and realize a profit. Current state of the market ensures the realization of sale at price levels from €300 – €370 Euros per sq.m. which is another proof of the best Investment that you have made.

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If you own a property in Snow Legend Complex, Bansko Area we will be happy if you contact us by e-mail: info@cash4bulgarianproperties.com or phone: +359 878 607722.

We are ready to answer all your questions, to visit at a convenient time your property, no upfront fee and no obligations absolutely FREE to prepare a realistic assessment of the property, according to the current state of the market and commit ourselves to its sales in the fixed period.

Winter is fast approaching, but there's no need to feel blue about the colder temperatures and shorter days. After all, the winter months bring holidays, festivities and, most importantly, the ski season !

Whether you're hitting the slopes for the first time or looking to try somewhere new for a challenge, there are some seriously amazing ski resorts on offer around the world, especially in Europe , the USA and Canada .

However, the sheer amount of choice can be somewhat overwhelming, especially as most offer breathtaking backdrops, a wide array of pistes and of course, exceptional après–ski.

To help you narrow down your options, we've revealed our top picks of the world's best ski resorts, including the best time to go and how to get there for cheap...

1. Meribel, France


Located in the French Alps' Tarentaise Valley, Meribel offers a touch of extra glamour thanks to its luxury hotels, upmarket shops and chic après–ski hotspots.

With over 600km of pistes the resort caters to everyone from beginners to skiing experts, while the weather promises plenty of sunshine, and great snow conditions.

Oh, and if you want to take in the seriously spectacular views, then head to Mont Du Vallon at the top, which sits at a height of 2,952m overlooking the breathtaking landscape.

Ski pass price: Approx €300 (£273) for an adult 6-day pass.

Best time to go: If you want to avoid the crowds, then January is a safe bet. The pistes are relatively quiet as most people are back at work or school, but the weather is still cold and makes for excellent snow conditions.

Cheap flights: Chambéry is the closest airport and you can find cheap flights from £77 on Skyscanner , but flights aren't particularly regular. However nearby Grenoble, approx two hours away, has plenty more routes on offer - and you can get cheap seats from £24.49 on easyJet .

2. Cervinia, Italy


Nestled in the Valle d'Aosta in northwest Italy, this resort is renowned for its beautiful snow-capped mountains, breathtaking views of the Matterhorn, vibrant nightlife and wide array of hotels and restaurants catering to every budget.

The pistes tend to be more suited to beginner and intermediate skiiers, but the resort has plenty of slopes connecting it to nearby Swiss resort Zermatt that's ideal for those after a bit more of a challenge.

Ski pass price: Approx €204 (£186) for an adult 6-day pass.

Best time to go: The best season in Cervinia tends to be from the end of December through to the beginning of April - and the snow is so good you can sometimes even enjoy morning skiing in the summer months too!

Cheap flights: The nearest airport is Turin Caselle, and you can find return flights from as little as £48 with Cheapflights.co.uk .

3. Revelstoke, Canada

A skier passes below a precipitous snowy peak

While Revelstoke does offer pistes for beginners, the resort tends to be tailored more to intermediate and advanced skiiers thanks to the wide array of terrain and steep slopes on offer.

During the peak season you can expect deep powder snow that offers ideal conditions for an impressive array of winter sports, while the spring brings a whole new terrain with glaciers and alpine bowls that make for a showstopping backdrop.

If you're after something particularly special, then it's worth taking one of the Heli skiing trips up to the Selkirk and Monashee mountains - expect spectacular views and an experience unlike any other.

Ski pass price: Approx $569 (£355) for an adult 6-day pass.

Best time to go: December to February tends to be the best time if you're after deep powder snow.

Cheap flights: Calgary and Vancouver are your best bets if you're travelling from the UK, as they're the closest international airports to Revelstoke which you can easily reach from the UK. For example, Expedia has return flights to Calgary from £301 , while Cheapflights.co.uk has returns to Vancouver available from £217 .

4. Courchevel, France

Part of the Three Valleys, Courchevel offers over 600km of pistes and 162 lifts, so there's something for everyone from beginners to advanced skiiers.

However it's particularly great for first-timers, if only because of the abundance of green pistes (the easiest) and ski schools to get you up and running.

It's not just on the slopes where Courchevel has a wide range of holiday options. The resort is actually made up of a whole host of small villages - so you could be unwinding in the peaceful and charming Le Praz, or splurging on a luxury chalet in the glamorous Courchevel 1850.

Ski pass price: Approx €256.00 (£233) for an adult 6-day pass.

Best time to go: From December to March the snow conditions tend to be great - although it's worth noting that the resort can be extremely busy during February as the French school holidays take place. For quieter pistes it's worth visiting in January.

Cheap flights: The nearest main airports are Chambery and Grenoble. easyJet has flights to Grenoble from £24.49 , including UK airport departures such as Liverpool, Birmingham, London and Bristol. Meanwhile, you can find returns to Chambery from £64 on Skyscanner .

5. Verbier, Switzerland


Thanks to its breathtaking landscape, luxury accommodation and impeccable ski conditions, Verbier has always been a hit with European royals - Prince Andrew even owns a chalet in the Swiss mountains.

Hailed as the main resort of The Four Valleys, Verbier has over 400km of runs, not to mention when you head to the top of the slopes you can get some seriously amazing views of Mont Fort, or even the Matterhorn.

Oh, and if it's off-piste skiing you're after, then this is sure to be the place for you - expect everything from scenic runs to rougher terrain if you're up for a challenge.

Ski pass price: Approx 340CHP (£271) for an adult 6-day pass.

Best time to go: Verbier's ski season is best from the end of November until early May - but January through to March tend to offer some of the best snow conditions.

Cheap flights: Jet2.com offers £25 flights each way to nearby airport Geneva (1hr 50 minute transfer) including UK departures from Birmingham, London Stansted, Manchester and Edinburgh.

6. Lech, Austria


Head to Lech and you can expect traditional alpine charm, cosy resorts and world-class skiing.

There's everything from off-piste skiing to beginner schools, but the runs tend to be ideal for the more intermediate of skiiers.

Then of course there's the stunning landscape from picturesque rivers to snow-capped mountains, as well as charming buildings from domed churches to bustling markets.

It's no surprise that the resort was a firm favourite for Princess Diana , who even brought Prince William and Prince Harry for fun-filled winter adventures here.

Ski pass price: Approx €275 (£250) for an adult 6-day pass.

Best time to go: The ski season is open from December until April, but like most resorts it's really January-March where you can make the most of the snow.

Cheap flights: You can easily reach Lech from Zurich - and easyJet has flights to the Swiss city from £26.49 with London Luton or London Gatwick departures. Alternatively, you can fly to nearby airport Friedrichshafen - Expedia offers returns with British Airways from £141 .

7. Bansko, Bulgaria

Saturday Travel Bulgaria skiing

Bulgaria's premier ski resort has everything you need for a fun-filled, budget-friendly ski holiday.

Not only can you bag some brilliant accommodation for bargain prices, but even the cost of eating out or making the most of the nightlife is relatively low.

As for the skiing itself, expect beautiful scenery, plenty of runs for everyone from beginners to the more advanced, and fast lifts to the mountains so you can make the most of your time out there.

Ski pass price: Approx 238BGN (£110) for an adult 6-day pass.

Best time to go: The snow season in Bansko typically lasts from December to April, on the northern slopes of the mountain.

Cheap flights: The nearest airports are Sofia (2 hours, 20 minute transfer) or Thessaloniki (3-hour transfer). British Airways offers direct flights to both - and you can find flights from £114.

8. Vail, Colorado

Eagle Valley at Dusk in Vail Colorado

One of the largest ski resorts in the world, Vail boasts more than 5,200 acres of ski and snowboard terrain.

What's particularly great is that it also caters to a wide variety of budgets, whether you're looking to go all out in a luxury lodge, or want to save the pennies in self-catered chalets.

Simply choose between the resort's three villages: Lionshead, Vail Village, or Golden Peak.

Oh, and then of course there's the incredible après ski in the valley's bustling restaurants and bars.

Ski pass price: Approx $768 (£480) for an adult 6-day pass.

Best time to go: Vail's ski season tends to run from December through to March.

Cheap flights: The nearest airport to Vail is the Eagle County Airport - Skyscanner has flights there from £496 . However Denver (2 hours away) can work out to be more budget-friendly - you can find returns from £345 on Cheapflights.co.uk .

9. Zermatt, Switzerland


With unparalleled views of the Matterhorn and 350km of pistes that also take you into the neighbouring Italian resort of Cervinia, it's no surprise that Zermatt is a firm favourite with those hoping to hit the slopes.

However it's worth noting that the resort can be quite expensive, mainly because of its lift pass prices - but it's not impossible to find accommodation and dining to suit more modest budgets.

For those who are after something alternative to the standard skiing experience, Zermatt has plenty on offer too - think helicopter sightseeing tours including the Matterhorn, or even Heli Skiing for the more daring.

Ski pass price: Approx 380CHP (£302) for an adult 6-day pass. Approx 434CHP (£345) if you also want access to neighbouring Cervinia, Italy.

Best time to go: The ski season is best from late November until the end of April.

Cheap flights: The nearest airport is Sion but if you're on a budget then your best bet is to fly to Geneva, just under three hours away. Expedia has return flights from as little as £59.60 .

10. Cortina, Italy


Tucked away in the picturesque Dolomites, Cortina is often hailed as one of the world's prettiest resorts - and no wonder, with its rustic chalets, snow-capped mountains or pristine slopes.

Host to the 1956 Olympics, it offers up some seriously brilliant skiing catering to all levels and a wide array of different winter sports.

But what really sets Cortina apart is the fashion: expect to see some very eye-catching ski ensembles, and if you're feeling inspired, you can no doubt get the look from one of the resort's luxurious shops.

Ski pass price: Approx €224 (£203) for an adult 6-day pass.

Best time to go: The ski season runs from December through to April, but it's really until March that you're likely to get the best snow conditions.

Cheap flights: The nearest airport is Treviso, 2 hour transfer, and Lastminute.com has direct flights from just £58 . Alternatively, Venice airport is just an extra 15 minutes of transfer to Treviso - easyJet has flights from £24.49 .

11. Tignes, France


hrill-seekers who want to try a whole host of sports as well as skiing will no doubt find a haven in Tignes.

There's so much on offer, and not just on the slopes: try ice diving in Tignes' frozen lake, or take in the views during a paragliding experience.

It's worth noting that Tignes' villages and accommodation can be quite spread out - so make sure to check the location before you book or you could be in for a bit of a trek to get to all of the action.

Ski pass price: Approx €228 (£207) for an adult 6-day pass.

Best time to go: January is the best month to go if you're after quieter pistes and plenty of snow.

Cheap flights: Chambéry is the closest airport and you can find cheap flights from £77 on Skyscanner , but flights aren't particularly regular - it's worth looking into flights to Geneva too.

Source: http://www.mirror.co.uk



Harmony Suites is a first-class gated residential complex located in the popular Sunny Beach resort. This luxury complex attracts foreign investors with the quiet and picturesque location in an ecologically clean region near to all facilities and in just 700 m distance from the Black Sea beach. You can relax on the golden sand of the clean beaches taking just a short walk from the complex. They are located in 11 minutes of walk from the Harmony Suites apart-hotel complex.Harmony456


On the territory of Harmony Suites, a green park is located along with swimming pools for people in different ages. A Hydrolysis and electrolysis system is provided to clean the water in the swimming pools, so that the Harmony Suites guests would enjoy the clean water. There are also a playground and outdoor Jacuzzi.

Each facility is intended to predispose the owners and holiday-makers to relax. There is a lovely restaurant that offers delicious Mediterranean and European cuisine, where you can spend the evening with your family or friends. The sports lovers will have multiple opportunities to spend an active vacation here. There are sports facilities that include football, volleyball, tennis, etc. In the park you can take part in sports classes like Yoga, Kango Jumps, Pilates and more.

There is a free private parking for all the complex’s guests, who can take advantage of a free Wi-Fi in all the rooms. A free barbeque is provided in the garden where people can share their delicious dinner with friends.

Moreover, the complex is a secure place that is guarded by intercom, round-the-clock live security, fire safety systems and video surveillance. Some additional facilities include café, restaurant, exclusive spa center, as well as a center for children’s animation where the little kids are supervised by the entertainers.

Nearby Attractions

Bourgas Airport is located in 28 km, while the beautiful quiet resorts of Sveti Vlas and Nessebar are located in 10 min driving. If you would like to go for groceries, the stores and supermarkets are in 5-minute walking distance, while the Aqua Park Action and the Royal Beach Mall Trading Center are located in 2,6 km.Harmony interior


The suites include a living room that features a flat-screen cable TV and an area with a comfortable sofa. There is a kitchenette that enables people to cook on their own along with a dining table. There is a bathroom with a shower and a hairdryer. People can relax on the balcony that features a garden furniture and enjoy the beautiful panorama.

Price Analysis New and Resale Offers

Despite what many skeptics think, Bulgaria offers affordable prices for real estate that attract many investors worldwide. The company can provide people with multiple options for apartments that fit their budget and needs. The actual price of the property depends on several factors, such as its layout, location, space, type, etc. The apartments are equipped with all the appliances and furniture you may need to immediately move in.

Harmony Suites investor sells different types of apartments  varying between Studios, one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments at prices between 900 and 2 000 euro/sq.m.

Traditionally more attractive are resale offers in the complex with prices starting from as little as 500 euro/sq.m.

Among the tourists, this complex is rated as the most beneficial in the entire Sunny Beach resort. The reason for this is that people think their money well worth the time they spend here when compared to the other local accommodation options.

All apartment owners in any of the Harmony Suites Complexes can take advantage of our Free Property Valuation from the experts at Cash4BulgarianProperties or a CASH offer for your property within 24 hours.

Contact us by e-mail info@cash4bulgarianpropertis.com or by phone +359 (0) 878 60 77 82 !

There are two amazing vacation complexes in Sunny Beach that investors would definitely enjoy. Both of them are modern, luxury and offer a great number of facilities. Let’s consider each of them separately, so you can get a real feel of what would be your summer life in any of these two complexes.

8 roselogo

Aphrodite Rose


This is a unique gated resort complex located in the quiet part of Sunny Beach. There is a big green park around making the region ecological clean and perfect for rest.


Yet, the beach and the resort’s center are not too far away. You can reach both for just 10 min walking. The old city of Nessebar is located in 2 km away where you can spend a day or to in sightseeing. There are a lot of ancient attractions here. The International Airport in Burgas is located in 35 km.


The Aphrodite Rose Complex consists of one 6-story building with two entrances. The apartments located there are fully completed. There is a choice between apartments with one bedroom and two bedrooms and studios. Most of these apartments provide amazing view to the beautiful park located beside the complex. This place is perfect for families with kids as well as for the couples who are searching for serenity and tranquility.


The facilities and services offered in this complex include: two swimming pools – one for kids and one for adults, a fitness center, outdoor Jacuzzi, water bar, a playground, a football pitch, a volleyball court, billiard, table tennis, parking. There is an Internet connection on the territory of the complex and 24/7 security and video surveillance.

1 aphrodite gardens

Aphrodite Gardens


This is another beautiful gated complex located beside the other Aphrodite Complexes. So the beach and the city center along with all the other attractions are located in the same distance as from the Aphrodite Rose Complex.


The complex consists of one 6-story building with four entrances. There are studios and apartments with one, two or three bedrooms available for sale in this complex. Most of the apartments have a panorama to the beautiful park located beside the complex. Besides all the facilities that the complex itself offers, there are some facilities in the park, too. They include places for picnic, playgrounds, sport facilities, etc. A small church is going to be built in that park, too.


The facilities offered at Aphrodite Gardens include a big swimming pool in the form of a flower along with a children’s swimming pool with umbrellas and sun loungers, non-stop video surveillance and security, a lobby bar and reception with unique design, water bar, outdoor Jacuzzi, modern fitness center, salt room, along with massage services.


There is a volleyball court, football pitch and a great kid’s park. A hair-dressing salon and parking also serve the complex. People can take advantage of the Internet on the entire territory of the Aphrodite Gardens complex. There is also a beautiful courtyard garden with fountains and a landscaped courtyard for relaxation.

Cascadas Family Resort, Sunny Beach


Being the major Bulgarian summer resort on the Black Sea coast, Sunny Beach attracts thousands of tourists during the season, which prolongs from May till October. The popular attractions in this resort include multiple water sports, two water parks, the nearby located Nessebar historic site, and multiple fashion shows and music festivals that are conducted annually here. Nessebar is a historic town located in just 5 km and can be easily reached by a car or bus. The bus station is in 1 km from the complex, so you have access to all the major sights and local facilities.

The amazing Cascadas Complex itself is made of 20 6-story buildings. It is located on 149 Chaika Street, Sunny Beach.Cascadas pools

Outdoor and Indoor Facilities

It provides both outdoor and indoor wellness facilities along with excellent accommodation options. These include one outdoor gym and two indoor gyms, a massage parlor, hot tubs located also outdoors, etc.

Among the outdoor facilities there is also a barbecue and a playground for beach volleyball. The most popular Bulgarian Aqua park called Action Aqua Park is located in just 100 meters from the complex. Along with the swimming pools available in the complex, the tourists can enjoy the beach that lies in just 600 meters away. The lovers of the dynamic night life in Sunny Beach have the opportunity to visit the multiple Cacao Beach clubs that are 4 km off.

Cascadas Complex offers also cars and bikes for rental that will give you the opportunity to visit effortlessly all the surrounding attractive places. People, who would like to get a transfer to Istanbul, can request it at the complex and it will be arranged for them at a surcharge.


Various apartment choices are available at the Cascadas Family Resort that include standard one- and two-bedroom apartments, studious, Deluxe studios and apartments. All the apartments and studios at the complex have elegant and modern decoration and feature a balcony. There are all connections for fixing a kitchen along with a sleek bathroom that enhance the owners’ convenience.


The Cascadas Complex also features 3 restaurants – Spanish, Italian, and of course Bulgarian one with traditional Bulgarian dishes. If you would like to sample the amazing cuisine offered at the Bulgarian and Spanish restaurants, you need to get accommodation between 1 of June until 30 of September, as they are open only during that period. On the other hand, the Italian restaurants operates all year round and is at the disposal of the complex guests.Cascadas restaurant


Price Analysis for Summer 2017

Prices of apartments in Cascadas complex have been relatively stable mainly because of good management and the fact that the complex is still developing every year. However there are resale offers with attractive prices. Currently there are resale apartments in the complex at the following prices:

Studio apartments – 18 500 to 24 500 Euro

One-bedroom apartments – 34 000 to 48 000 Euro

Two-bedroom apartments – 55 000 to 80 000 Euro

If you consider selling your property in Cascadas complex, don’t hesitate to contact us and get a Free Property Valuation from the experts at Cash4BulgarianProperties or a CASH offer for your property within 24 hours.

Contact us by e-mail info@cash4bulgarianpropertis.com or by phone +359 (0) 878 60 77 82 !

Sunny Beach Hills has been constructed by one of the leading building companies, popular for its great hotel complexes, located in the Sunny Beach. These are, for example, Sunny Beach Hills and Grand Kamelia, which offer abundant facilities and promise tourists that they will spend an unforgettable vacation in the most famous and the biggest Bulgarian Sea resort, Sunny Beach.317655 Fotor

Sunny Beach Hills Complex is situated in Sunny Beach, just 300 m from the beach. Some of the apartments in the complex and especially on the higher floors have sea view. Other apartments have very picturesque forest view and that can help you relax and enjoy your holiday even more.

Sunny Beach Hills Complex is surrounded by 5-star hotels and apart-hotels. In close vicinity are the popular Helena Resort, Victoria Residence Hotel, Majestic Hotel, Poseidon Hotel and The Hill Club Apart-hotel. In this prestigious area you can find everything you may need.

Sunny Beach Hills Complex gets more popular every year, not only because of its location, but also because of its onsite facilities and good management. There are multiple facilities for the guests, such as a swimming pool with lounges and a special zone for children, a restaurant with a terrace, a water bar, a playground, a tennis-court/ mini football field, paid Wi-Fi, parking lot, family apartments, and apartments for non-smokers. Sunny Beach Hills offers one or two bedroom apartments, all of which are air-conditioned and feature a cable TV, a fully equipped kitchenette, a living room, and a balcony. The hotel offers also a 24/7 reception and security as well as CCTV.

The local bus station is located in only 100 m and the Aqua Park and the center of the Sunny Beach resort are both in 500 m of distance. There are options for renting a car and using airport transfer.

The small and beautiful resort, Sveti Vlas, along with the popular yacht port Marina Dinevi is located in 3 km from the complex. The ancient city of Nessebar with its beautiful architecture and attractions is in 7 km of distance.12823508

For the past few years sale prices of apartments in Sunny Beach Hills complex have been relatively stable. The management company of the complex has done several improvements for the last two years which helped to keep the prices from falling. Resale market traditionally offers attractive prices. Currently there are resale apartments in the complex at the following prices:

Studio apartments – 14 000 to 20 000 Euro

One-bedroom apartments – 24 000 to 30 000 Euro

Two-bedroom apartments – 35 000 to 60 000 Euro

If you consider selling your property in Sunny Beach Hills, don’t miss the great opportunity to get a Free Property Valuation from the experts at Cash 4 Bulgarian Properties or a CASH offer for your property within 24 hours.

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The average price of sold properties in Bansko for the first half of the 2016 is 390 Euro per sq.m. This is the average price of apartments in the resort for the whole 2015, indicating retention of stable market. Most buyers preferred to buy apartment near the Gondola station, increasing demand for properties located near the old city center. The fact besides that Bansko is the winter capital of the Balkans over the past two years began to grow well and summer tourism. Thereby increase interest from buyers wishing to rent out their property or to live in it and enjoy the amenities of the resort all year round.

Are You looking to sell your apartment in Cedar Lodge 3, 4 Complex, Bansko Bulgaria?

The most demand apartments are studios. Prices in Cedar Lodge 3, 4 vary from 13,500 to 15,000 Euro. Apartments with one bedroom are sold from 23,500 Euro to 25,500 Euro and apartments with two bedrooms from 32,000 Euro to 34,000 Euro.

Cedar Lodge 4 (1)

In the Pirin Palace Complex the price levels for specious studios are from 17,000 to 19,000 Euro. For apartments with one bedroom 25,000 Euro to 27,000 Euro and for an apartments with two bedrooms from 40,000 to 42,000 Euro.

Cash4BulgarianProperties observe great interest in two complexes which are located near the town center: Edelweiss Park and Winslow Atrium Complex.

In Edelweis Park the price levels for studios are between 14,000 – 15,000 Euro, for one bedroom apartments 20,000 – 22,000 Euro and for apartments with two bedrooms from 30,000 to 32,000 Euro.

In recent months has increased interest from buyers who are interested in properties in Winslow Atrium Complex. There apartments are selling as follows: one bedroom apartments for 20,000 to 22,000 Euro and two bedrooms apartments from 33,000 to 34,000 Euro

If you are looking to sell apartment in any of the above complexes, we will find a buyer for your apartment in short term!

You can take advantage of our no cost no-obligation Property Valuation which we provide to our customers. Valuation give you an estimate of how much your apartment should be worth based upon a number of different factors, giving you a good idea of what price to begin at when you put your property on the market.



Grand Kamelia has been constructed by one of the leading building companies, popular for its complexes, located in the Sunny Beach. These are, for example, Sunny Beach Hills and Grand Kamelia, which offer abundant facilities and promise tourists that they will spend an unforgettable vacation in the most famous and the biggest Bulgarian Sea resort, Sunny Beach.

Grand Kamelia is another bold and beautiful project that is located in only 15 min from the big Aqua Park Action and from the beach in the popular Sunny Beach resort.  It offers to all owners and guests multiple facilities, which will make your holiday comfortable. There are two children's pools and two pools for adults, available for the guests, along with a restaurant and water bar. Tourists can get acquainted with traditional Bulgarian and European cuisine in the restaurant. Grand Kamelia complex features a private parking lot, an elevator, tennis court and mini golf, children playground and a lovely garden.


Apartments in the complex are spacious and bright. All of the them offer a cable TV, air conditioning, a balcony and bathrooms are equipped with shower cabins.

Grand Kamelia complex offers fitness facilities available in the complex as well as yoga classes for sport enthusiasts. The center of the Sunny Beach is located in 200 m, and the ancient Nessebar with its attractive ruins can be reached in 10 min by car. Nessebar is included in the list of protected areas of UNESCO, as a world heritage. The most popular and biggest supermarket in Sunny beach – “Mladost” is located only 100 m from the complex.

MelaD300_land-59 (1)

There are resale apartments available in this complex that would be a smart investment for the foreigners. Grand Kamelia Complex is a place where you can wisely invest your money and get good rental income.

Investors, who are interested in the resale apartments, can contact Excel Property Bulgaria for additional details. The experienced company’s agents will inform interested people for all available resale apartments in this beautiful region.

If you consider selling your property in Grand Kamelia Complex please don’t miss the unique opportunity to get absolutely Free of charge a professional Property Valuation or get a Cash Offer for your property within 24 hours!

Please contact us by e-mail: info@cash4bulgarianproperties.com or by phone: +359 (0) 87 860 77 82!

Winslow Group is recognized for its high quality developments. As a developer Winslow Group manage the process from the start to finish. Services include architectural design, financial management, construction and property management which process the maintenance of each development. Currently the company has constructed totally 5 hotel and apart-hotel buildings in Bansko.

Winslow Highland Complex

The complex consists of 60 apartments. Located very close to the lift station, only 5 minutes walking distance to the ski runs, Winslow Highland includes cozy one and two – bedroom apartments with fireplace and storage rooms. Lovely balcony offering a breath taking views of Pirin Mountain and underground parking. There is a large park with rich vegetation and wooden sculptures.


The building has a Spa center including a swimming pool, sauna, steam bath and well-equipped fitness center. There is a reception and lobby bar on the ground floor of the complex.

Winslow Infinity & Spa Complex


Winslow Infinity * Spa complex is the most ambitious project of Winslow Group in Bansko. The hotel consists of three buildings and has wonderful garden. The complex is located only 400m from the Ski lift and is preferred destination from tourists in Bansko. Each building has elevator, surface and underground parking lots. Owners and guests can enjoy the facilities of Winslow Infinity complex such as: indoor pool, sauna, steam bath, Jacuzzi, fitness, lobby bar, reception, and restaurant.

Winslow Elegance Complex

winslow elegance

In contrast of the other projects of Winslow Group, Winslow Elegance Complex is located 900m from the Ski lift in quite area away from the noise of the town and tourists. Building consists of 46 apartments and has an outdoor playground for children and a barbeque. Also complex features an indoor Spa center with Jacuzzi, sauna, steam bath, fitness, game room and a lobby bar.

Winslow Atrium Complex


Winslow Atrium Complex is located near the Glazne river, close to the center of Bansko and a short walk to the Ski lift. It consists of 71 apartments which boast many unique features such as decorative wooden lanterns on the balconies. Complex has modern Spa center with sauna, steam bath, Jacuzzi, massage rooms, fitness center, and lobby bar. The complex was opened for the first time in 2005.

Winslow Residence Hotel


The residence is located in one of the prestige areas in Bansko, just 5 minutes walking distance to the Ski lift station, behind the ice-skating ring on Pirin street. The building has 41 apartments, which are designed to provide comfort and convenience during both winter and summer season. Winslow residence offer to guests and owners Spa center with Jacuzzi, sauna, steam bath and fitness room. There is also underground parking and lobby bar.

If you would like to discuss selling your apartment in Winslow projects in Bansko or receive absolutely Free Valuation of your property without upfront fees any obligations, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer any questions that you have!

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