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Many thanks to Trendy for organizing the sale of my studio apartment in the Winslow Infiniry, I did not even have to travel to Bansko! Everything happened with several phone calls and exchange of emails. I have no worries to recommend CASH 4 BulgarianProperties if someone wants to sell their apartment in Bansko quickly!   Rajesh Lakhani (Winslow Infinity Complex, Bansko)
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Rajesh Lakhani (Winslow Infinity)
Hi George, Just completed. Many thanks for all the work you've done! We wish you success and prosperity in the future. Regards, Ray Glenday (Snow Legend, Bansko)
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Ray Glenday (Snow Legend, Bansko)
I sold my apartment in Winslow Elegance, Bansko through Cash 4 Bulgarian Properties and I want to recommend this company to anyone who thinks to sell or buy property in Bansko. Thanks George!   Colin Denton (Winslow Elegance, Bansko)
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Colin Denton (Winslow Elegance, Bansko)
The whole process was very simple, from the decision to sell the apartment to the receiving of the money in our bank account. Thank you George! Christopher Wilcox (St. John Park Complex, Bansko)
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Christopher Wilcox (St. John Park Complex, Bansko)
Thank you Georgi!
I will confirm receipt as soon as the money arrives. It was a pleasure to do business with you.
Mark Porter (Park View Complex, Bansko)
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Mark Porter (Park View Complex)
Georgi is doing a great job and the sale is proceeding smoothly...   Paul Culnane (Panorama Complex, Bansko)    
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Paul Culnane (Panorama Complex, Bansko)