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Sell your Apartment in Garden of Eden Complex at Sveti Vlas (St. Vlas)

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The unique complex Garden of Eden in the resort Sveti Vlas (St. Vlas) is situated on the southern slopes of the Balkan Mountains on the shore of the Black Sea. There are breathtaking views of the sea, the old town of Nessebar and the entire bay of Sunny Beach. The name Garden of Eden is the most accurate description of this oasis with its colorful gardens and decorative rivers fits uniquely into the natural landscape. The complex is a modern ensemble of five star hotel and buildings with luxury apartments for sale that are terraced up the slope to the beach. For the convenience of all apartment owners and guests in the Garden of Eden, in the complex there are seven swimming pools, two tennis courts and an indoor swimming pool, fitness club and SPA center. Three different themed restaurants offer food and gourmet cuisine to satisfy the most discriminating taste. Pool bars, Art cafe and panoramic bar are the perfect place for relaxation with a refreshing drink or an exotic cocktail in hand. For lovers of night life and entertainment in the Garden of Eden complex, doors open club "Noah".

Garden of Eden complex

The global economic crisis and subsequent recession collapsed apartment prices in Garden of Eden complex in sea resort Sveti Vlas (St. Vlas). Unfortunately, the owners of the apartments, which are mostly British citizens, must accept the fact that now, in the sale cannot recover the amount in Euros is invested for purchase.The only consolation for the British sellers of real estate remains that in the years of the property "boom" 2002-2009 in Bulgaria, they paid their properties in British pounds. In this period British buyers dominated not only in the purchase of apartments in a new complex in the Garden of Eden known sea resort Sveti Vlas (St. Vlas), but in the whole real estate market in Bulgaria as well.  Namely the high cost of the British pound, stable currency exchange rate during these years, save of the British citizens about 30% of the devaluation of the real estate prices in the crisis. This is only a small advantage for British sellers of apartments in the Garden of Eden, to the other property owners in the same complex.

Garden of Eden in the seaside resort of Sveti Vlas (St. Vlas) is the few complexes with the holiday properties that have managed to preserve the maximum extent value on investment for their apartment owners. Garden of Eden complex is one of the projects of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, which has properties matching our top 5 criteria for successful investment in real estate - location, architectural design, quality of construction, facilities, maintenance and development conditions!

Statistics of the latest estimates the apartments in Garden of Eden made by Cash4BulgarianProperties.com that year:

  1. Studio in block "Anna", luxury furnished with sea view, area 39 sq.m. – 35.000 Euro
  2. One-bedroom apartment in block "Boriana", luxury furnished with sea view, area 62 sq.m. – 48.000 Euro
  3. Two-bedroom apartment in block "Cecilia", luxury furnished with sea view, area 84 sq.m. – 75.000 Euro

Important: The evaluation of apartment is a estimated market price, which incorporates the agency commission, legal fees, fees for document preparation and other obligations of the owner to finalize the deal with buying and selling real estate, according to law in Bulgaria.

If you are considering selling your apartment in Garden of Eden complex, please contact us now or come directly to our office in Sunny Beach to discuss details at a convenient time for you, because this office is one of the few that is open throughout the year.

Garden of Eden Complex

Sea resort Sveti Vlas (St. Vlas) – the pearl of the Bulgarian Riviera

Sveti Vlas (St. Vlas) is a seaside resort situated on the southern slopes of the Balkan Mountains, right on the Black Sea coast. There are centuries of history and bears the name of Sveti Vlas (St. Vlas), who is saint, the protector of merchants, farmer and healer. The soft climate and beautiful beach of Sveti Vlas (St. Vlas) become a favorite place for rest and relaxation to many Bulgarians and foreigners. The stormy economic development and modern construction after 2000 turned Sveti Vlas (St. Vlas) into a modern sea resort center. Located in the municipality of Nessebar, just 40 km. from regional center Bourgas, Sveti Vlas (St. Vlas) from 2 February 2006, following a decision of the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria, acquired the status of city.

The unique combination of fresh mountain air, seaside climate and beautiful nature, makes Sveti Vlas (St. Vlas) a preferred place to buy a holiday apartment. British citizens are the first in terms of the development of the real estate market in Bulgaria, bought holiday apartments in Sveti Vlas (St. Vlas). The ensuing crisis has forced many of them to sell their properties and in recent years Russian buyers dominate the real estate market. The possibility of permanent living, the excellent infrastructure in the city and high-end resorts are just a few of the key factors that predetermined the Russian invasion of buyers of real estate in Sveti Vlas (St. Vlas). In 2014, however, there is one factor that will undoubtedly influence the buying and selling of apartments and this is the crisis in Ukraine. This crisis has put the market under stress and has yet to analyze its impact - whether it will lead to an outflow end interest in buying apartments by Russian and Ukrainian citizens or postpone their decision to clarify the situation?

Before the start of the summer tourist season, the market for holiday apartments in Sveti Vlas (St. Vlas) remains stable. Movement of property prices up or down beyond the statistical error in 2014 is not expected. In the autumn of 2013 started the construction of many new projects in Sveti Vlas (St. Vlas), which inevitably will increase quite supply. Accordingly, demand is shrinking under the influence of geopolitical factors and in particular the influence of the crisis in Ukraine, but in the end analysis of the exact value can only be made at the end of the year. Despite the current situation of the real estate market in Bulgaria, personal, objective or subjective factors influence the decision to buy or sell a property. In a dynamic investment environment where alternating peaks and crashes, more owners of holiday apartments, most of whom are British citizens are asking what is the real market value of their real estates purchased in 2002-2009 years. We have 10 years’ experience as a real estate agent on the property market for holiday apartments in the area of Sveti Vlas (St. Vlas) – Sunny Beach – Nessebar, know the current legislation in Bulgaria, we have information about complexes for sale and builders. Our clients are many British citizens who have decided to sell their real estates to Russian buyers.

We at Cash4BulgarianProperties.com will be happy to provide a free estimate with no obligation for all owners of holiday apartments in the seaside resort of Sveti Vlas (St. Vlas)!!! Please contact us by email or on the phone: +359 878 607782

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