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The Sofia Zoo is definitely one of the most attractive place in Bulgarian capital city that entice many visitors, especially children. Being the largest and the oldest one on the Balkan Peninsula, the zoo is in the list of the 100 National Tourist Sites and an enjoyable place where children and parents can get in touch with the wild nature.

Near Zoo is one of the most popular neighborhoods for living Vitosha.

Situated between the "Yuzina" near the Ring Road and the foot of Mount Vitosha to the south, Hunting Park and Dianabad north, bul. Nikola Gabrovski east and west Hladilnika. With the expansion of the city limits of "Vitosha" district also amended and it now also covers the area between Boulevard GM Dimitrov and Studentski Grad.

sanimka 2

The region will develop fully as a new neighborhood with newly constructed infrastructure, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, swimming pools, SPA centers, restaurants, supermarkets and other places of entertainment. Vitosha is distinguished by clean air and green parks, among which are located buildings.


Sofia is characterized by the most developed and dynamic real estate market in Bulgaria.

Our company www.Cash4BulgarianProperties.com  is specialized in the rapid sale of apartments, which are located in gated communities.

Elite gated complex "Vertu Rezidence", located in Vitosha was created with one main idea: To be an oasis for beautiful and comfortable life of its owners, active and busy people who appreciate the quality of the living environment for themselves and their children.

Unique residential complex "Maxi" is called paradise and oasis of Sofia. The complex combines a unique mix of services for all seasons, which attract both local and visitors from around the world.

Complex "Golden Valley" offers a high standard new apartments in Sofia, Vitosha. The residential complex has a beautiful view of the mountain near Simeonovsko road. Located in Vitosha VEZ Simeonovo. Next to complex "Maxi" you can choose an apartment in Sofia in a quiet and secluded location, yet 10 minutes from Studentski Grad.

snimka 4

Complex Belle Rose is located in the quiet southern part of Vitosha in Sofia and an innovative, luxurious, gated complex of 6 buildings over an area of 10 acres with inimitable architecture of the capital developed around old trees and built with quality materials advanced building technologies and trends, relying on proven partners, brands and models.

The "Preslav" consists of boutique bars (with large distances between them) with 6 apartments in the entrance. Flatten the magnificent garden, perfectly maintained common areas, 24 hour security and excellent infrastructure contribute to the peace and comfort of living in it. The complex is close to the bul. Simeonovsko road and street. Ring road (excellent communications), but also has enough distance to not hear the noise of the main thoroughfares.


Renting  prices depends of the type of the apartment and it’s condition:


- Studio (furnished) rental prices - from 200 euro to 250 euro

- Studio (unfurnished) rental prices - from 160 euro to 200 euro

- One bedroom apartment (furnished) rental prices - from 250 euro to 350 euro

- One bedroom apartment (unfurnished) rental prices - from 200 euro to 250 euro

- Two bedroom (furnished) rental prices - from 300 euro to 500 euro

- Two bedroom (unfurnished) rental prices - from 270 euro to 320 euro

- Three bedroom  (furnished) rental prices - from 400 euro to 700 euro

- Three bedroom  (unfurnished) rental prices - from 350 euro to 450 euro

Analysis of prices for sale in Vitosha, Sofia in 2015

Average selling price:

- Furnished apartment - 780 to 890 Euro per square meter.

- Furnished apartment - 670 to 750 Euro per square meter.

Our company www.Cash4BulgarianProperties.com offers to the customers  Free Evaluation of properties, free analysis of finalized deals in the complex, security and achieving of higher sale and rental price, consistent with the condition of the property market in Sofia!

The local people in Sofia known also as “Shopi” have a cheerful folk song that states that there’s nothing higher than Vitosha Mountain, and there’s nothing deeper than Iskar River in the world. As for the trade and luxury showcases there is no other place in Sofia to can compare withVitosha boulevard.

Vitosha boulevard is one of the main thoroughfares in the Sofia’s center, which starts from the “St. Petka” Square, continues through the top center, intersects with boulevards "Patriarh Evtimii" and "Bulgaria", passes through the district “Ivan Vazov” and finishes at the crossing of The South Park. People of Sofia and tourists of the city love to walk on this boulevard, because of the multiple shopping options available in the boutiques and luxury shops, restaurants, bars and cafes located there.

In the pedestrian part of "Vitosha" boulevard, known as "Vitoshka", there is no auto traffic. In contrast, there are various social events regularly organized on the boulevard.

Many people compare this boulevard with the popular Champs Elysées in Paris. The street lighting is has been changed to look even more attractive.

Vitosha boulevard

After opening the new metro station "National Palace of Culture," which is located under the boulevard, and improving infrastructure, the interest in the emblematic "Vitosha" boulevard is very strong and the area regained his allure and the feel of city center.

You have a property for sale near the “Vitosha” boulevard? We have a client for it!

Our company www.Cash4BulgarianProperties.com specializes in the quick sale and letting apartments, which are located near the “Vitosha” boulevard. There is great interest from our clients (cash buyers and tenants), who are ready to buy or rent apartments near the “Vitosha” boulevard immediately. According our statics for the last quarter of 2015 we have received more than 50 enquiries from clients who are willing to purchase or rent a property near the “Vitosha” boulevard.

The apartments, located near the “Vitosha” boulevard, always were a “Hot Spot” for purchase or rent from Bulgarians and foreigners.

Property analysis by www.Cash4BulgarianProperties.com are showing the current market levels for selling and renting prices:

Selling prices vary from 950-1300 euros / sq.m, depending on in which part of the boulevard are situated. The highest prices are in the region in the pedestrian zone.

You have a property for rent near the “Vitosha” boulevard? We have a client for it!

Renting prices depends of the type of the apartment and it’s condition:

Vitosha boulevard Sofia city

The architectural complex on Vitosha boulevard located in the section from the Courthouse to the National Palace of Culture, consists of about 50 buildings. Shops are located on the ground floor and above them about 3 - 5 floors are occupied by business offices and housing. With a few exceptions, the buildings are built between the two World Wars.

Further improvements of the boulevard are to be made in the near future. To solve the parking problems of the local people an underground parking will be built under the boulevard with a capacity of between 200 and 300 vehicles.

Our company www.Cash4BulgarianProperties.com offers its customers Free Property Valuation, Free Analysis of Finalized deals in the area of the “Vitosha” boulevard.

Boyana, Dragalevtsi, and Simeonovo are differentiated from other districts in Sofia with the fact that they are gated communities. They all have multiple benefits that make them preferred residential areas in Bulgarian capital city, Sofia. Let’s take a closer look at each of these residential areas and why they attract investors and residents alike.

Boyana district

Boyana is among the most prestigious suburban quarters, located at southern Sofia. It is a drawing place for foreign investments and residents with high social status. Initially, the quarter has been a village in the vicinities of Sofia, but later it became a quarter of the continuously growing capital.

Boyana is situated at the foot of the Vitosha Mountain, which is declared the Balkan Peninsula’s first National Park. Its neighborhoods are Dragalevtsi and Knyajevo quarters. Among the best advantages of Boyana are the clean air, excellent mountain views, and the quick access to downtown thanks to the well-developed infrastructure. Boyana offers lots of greenery and peaceful ambiance that contributes to the healthy lifestyle of its residents.


Two of the greatest attractions of Boyana are the Boyana Church dating from Х - ХІ century and the Boyana Waterfall, a river that flows between the quarter and Momina Skala Hut, forming numerous swift currents and waterfalls of about 15 meters in height.

Residential construction in the area mostly consists of new, luxurious houses with yards. There is also a new gated complex where people have the opportunity to choose between 1, 2 or 3 Bedroom apartments. There are newly constructed business buildings, where companies can rent or buy an office.

Analysis of prices on the apartments for sale and rental in Boyana district, Sofia 2014:

Average selling price:

Average rental price:

Dragalevtsi district

Dragalevtsi is another Sofia district, located at the foot of the Vitosha Mountain. Dragalevtsi has a favorable location between the city center and the prestigious Boyana quarter, which makes it a perfect place to live and a great place for successful investments.


The local residents, as well as guests often spend weekends in Dragalevtsi, as they prefer to walk in the mountains breathing a fresh air and go to the favorite Aleko peak by chairlift, where they usually visit the St. Mary Dragalevski Monastery. Tourists may enjoy the accommodation options available in the Dragalevski area that offers comfortable 3-star hotels with their own restaurants or gardens with barbecue and a luxury 4- star complex.

Analysis of prices on the apartments for sale and rental in Dragalevtsi district, Sofia 2014:

Average selling price:

Average rental price:

Simeonovo district

Simeonovo district is the third quarter located at the foot of the Vitosha Mountain, offering a convenient and fast access to the city center. This exclusive district is built primarily with luxury houses, gated complexes and villa areas. The Simeonovo’s neighboring quarters are attractive Dragalevtsi and Bistritsa.

simeonovo lift

The location offers an unmatched feeling of calmness, stillness and beautiful nature, combined with a well developed infrastructure that makes it easy for the residents to access the city center and other parts of Sofia. People characterize the region as an excellent place to live because of the wonderful scenery and fresh air.


Analysis of prices on the apartments for sale and rental in Simeonovo district, Sofia 2014:

Average selling price:

Average rental price:

All these districts in Sofia offer great opportunities for local and foreign investors. Please, consult with the experts from www.Cash4BulgarianProperties.com to learn more about the available investment options in each of these exclusive Sofia’s quarters.

Silver city complex is located in the greater center of Bulgarian capital – Sofia, on the southern side of one of most prestigious living districts – Lozenetz, next to beautiful South Park. The development is in close proximity to the US Embassy, the Kempinski Hotel, several business centers and the Zoo.  Silver City garden terraces offer magnificent views to Vitosha mountain. Beautiful and green in summer and snow covered in winter with skiing facilities and slopes just 15 min drive from Silver City complex. The area has no industrial production, the air is clean, fresh and greenery abandons. Silver City complex is a gated living compound and have 24-hour manned professional security with visual equipment control. There is administration that manage all utility billings, repair and maintenance crew and help owners to organize any services they need.

Silver city complex offers many amenities to its residents such as:

Private garden with beautiful landscaping of greenery, flowers, rocks, alleys and patios and benches.

Swimming Pool with plenty of sun-beds to lie around or, in summertime, when the pool is open to the garden

Fitness Centre  with modern equipment to exercise, stretch, walk, pedal, weight-lift and sweat on your own, or under the guidance of a qualified instructor.

Coffee Shop with comfortable furniture to relax in, to enjoy a drink over a chat with your neighbours or guests, or to have your coffee while reading today’s paper

Family Party room provided with a fully equipped kitchen and can be configured for up to 30 seated guests, or for larger cocktail parties, with all the dining-ware and cutlery available

Mini Golf area with a beautiful view to the Vitosha mountain.

Underground parking - all apartments have one garage each. All garages are in the two levels underground, accessible from ramps with digital card operated barriers.   Silver City complex

If you consider selling your apartment in Silver city complex you should read the following lines.

According to analysis of Cash4BulgarianProperties the property sales in Sofia for the first three months of 2014 remain stable and showed higher activity compared same periods from the previous year. Most of the inquiries which our company receives are significantly increased. Inquiries enter from buyers who are looking to invest in apartments, mainly in gated communities such as Silver city complex. After the construction of the most visited shopping mall in Sofia city – “Paradise Centre” and upcoming opening of the new subway line, both situated in close proximity to Silver city complex the interest of potential buyers who are focused to purchase property in the area of South park unconditionally turning their attention to the most attractive spot in the quarter which is unquestionably Silver city complex.

If you own an apartment in Silver city complex and need to sale your property, can easily transgress a deal and realize a profit. Current state of the market ensures the realization of sale at price levels from €800 - €900 Euros per sq.m. which is another proof of the best Investment that you have made. The apartments on demand are with prices up to 80 000 Euro for one-bedroom apartment and 120 000 Euro for two-bedroom apartment.

Silver City Sofia

Krastova vada district – Location, Location, Location

Silver city complex is located in one the fastest growing district in the South part of Sofia – Krastova vada.  The location is very convenient – away from the urban environment in the same has a very good communication to the central part of the capital – Sofia. Area is built up with new brick buildings and gated communities which corresponding to the modern requirements in the construction. Silver city complex stands out as the most popular complex in the region by new modern architecture which perfectly matches the hectic urban life. The region never stops to evolve and that is why the interest from investors here is undying. Based on received inquiries from Cash4Bulgarianproperties clients, we can conclude the interest of the area is rising. Generally the most demanded are one bedroom and two – bedroom apartments. Most of the investors are looking apartments for themselves and a little part of them are looking to buy and let. Property price levels starts from € 700 per square meter and rising depending on the standard of construction, finishing works and furnishing.

If you are considering selling your apartment in Silver city complex don’t hesitate to contact us. We at Cash4BulgarianProperties offer a free valuation of your property without no obligations. You can contact us by e-mail or via phone and we will address your concerns as quickly as possible.

Vitosha Park is a luxury complex situated at the foot of Vitosha Mountain in villa area Simeonovo quarter. It is gated, fenced and has both a round the clock guard and private parking lot. The common areas are green and well maintained. There is also a forth coming opening of a kindergarten, grocery store and gym.

The complex offers, decorated with taste, one and two bedroom apartments. With functional dispositions, premises are bright and spacious with views of the Vitosha mountain. The majority of apartments have south terraces, which can be transformed into beautiful places for rest in the summer. Each apartment has underground parking place with direct access to a lift from the garage. There is a round - the - clock security that ensures the safety of the residents.

Sell ​​your apartment in Vitosha park complex at Sofia City

Apartments in Vitosha Park complex offer a variety of stylish design and high standard of furnishings. Modern built - in kitchens, equipped with hood, oven, hob and refrigerator. All apartments have their own heating trough convection heaters. The apartments are pre - installed with wireless internet and cable TV. Each apartment has a service area equipped with washing machine and boiler.

The Complex is located at the foot of Vitosha Mountain. The proximity of Simeonovsko shose Blvd, Bistrishko shose Blvd and with the ring road already renovated, the complex provides smooth and quick access from both Lozenets, the City Center, Mladost quarter and the Business park.

Vitosha Park complex

Simeonovo is one of the most prestigious quarters in Sofia, located in the vicinities of the Vitosha Mountain, with an excellent panorama to the city center. It is situated above the ring road and borders Dragalevtsi Quarter to the west.

Simeonovo offers a splendid view to Sofia and the mountain. The quarter is well-known for its proximity to the modern cabin lift connecting the city to the ski-runs of Vitosha. The clean air, the picturesque natural environment and the quick transport connection to the city center make Simeonovo expensive and favored by business circles representatives, foreign companies and diplomatic missions.

This is a district consisting mainly of single-family houses and small family hotels. Recently the free plots were covered by luxurious houses and controlled access complexes. The real estate prices in Simeonovo are one of the highest in the capital. At present, free land for construction is hard to find.



Vitosha Park

Here are some of the latest estimates of apartments in complex Vitosha Park made by Cash4BulgarianProperties.com this year:

  1. One-bedroom apartment, luxury furnished, area 62 sq.m. – 40.000 Euro
  2. Two-bedroom apartment, luxury furnished, area 100 sq.m. – 65.000 Euro

Important: The evaluation of apartment is a estimated market price, which incorporates the agency commission, legal fees, fees for document preparation and other obligations of the owner to finalize the deal with buying and selling real estate, according to law in Bulgaria.

We at Cash4BulgarianProperties.com will be happy to provide a free estimate with no obligation for all owners of apartments in Vitosha Park complex (Simeonovo)! Please contact us by email or on the phone: +359 2 97 33 111


South park is located near to the ideal center  of the Bulgarian capital – Sofia. It is one of the biggest and most visited parks in Sofia city. Access to South park is very easy through the most famous boulevard in Sofia – “Vitosha” boulevard. People from every part of the city can approach South park due to it’s proximity of metro station on “Cherni vruh” boulevard and bus stops which are located all around the park on the boulevard “Petko Todorov”, “Byala cherkva” street.


Which are the quarters that surround South park?

-         Lozenets  district

Lozenets is one of the biggest districts in Sofia city. Located in the heart of the capital, Lozenets is among of the most popular and preferred destinations of Sofia. It’s large area, allows us to observe a  great variety of architecture and different type of design and construction. Most of the building are small, not more than four-five floors set amongst picturesque gardens with views of downtown and the peaks of Vitosha mountain.  All the advantages offered by the Lozenets region make it extremely preferred place for investment.

Price levels in Lozenets district are always attractive. Quality of the buildings, proximity to the South park and great infrastructure of the area are the key prerequisites that performs one of  the highest real estate prices in Sofia city. Prices here starts from 850 euro to 1000 euros per square meter depends on property condition and type of the construction.

Customers who are looking for investment opportunities, to buy and let property,  Lozenets district for sure is the area where investments in property are 100% profitable.

-          Rent for apartments with one bedroom are 270-320 euros per month and for two-bedroom apartments is 350-400 euros per month.

This type of investment will generate a positive cashflow every month for those who are considering to purchase property in Lozenets district.

-         Hladilnika district

Hladilnika is the smallest quarter which surrounds the South park. It is located close proximity to Lozenets district.  Its borders are boulevard "Cherni vruh" to the east,  South Park to the west, boulevard  "Nikola. Vaptzarov " to the north and to the south borders “Srebarna” street.

Due still available parcels in that area which in recent years has actively built up, this is one of the neighborhoods with the most new construction. Real estate prices in Hladilnika district reached those in "Lozenets " . Traditionally seeking luxury homes adjacent to the South Park area of the new American Embassy and Government Hospital .

Property prices in Hladilnika district remain stable regardless of economic crisis. Price levels vary from €850 per square meter  to €950 per square meters.

-         Ivan Vazov district

Ivan Vazov district is the most prestigious area in the southern part of Sofia city. To the north bordered by boulevard "Bulgaria" and to the south and east with the beautiful "South Park" of Sofia city. “Vitosha” street cross through the heart of Ivan Vazov district where most-famous restaurants and boutiques take place in Sofia. The area is built up with a new and modern buildings, also with old but high quality constructions from the 80s and 90s. On the border with South park are situated two of the iconic buildings in Sofia city – “Park residence” and “Red apple”.

Offering of the properties for purchase in the region of Ivan Vazov will become more limited, because the area is relatively small and there is no possibility of establishing new buildings. Despite the high prices of the offered properties, interest in the area is remarkable. Our analysis indicates that market rates are moving in the range of € 900 to € 1100 per square meter for one and two bedroom apartments.

-          Strelbishte district

Strelbishte is one of the popular areas to live in Sofia city. The location is very pleasant between boulevard  “Bulgaria” which provides quick and easy access to every part of the city. And on the other side every resident of Strelbishte district can find silence and tranquility in the face of South park. The area has a well developed infrastructure and offers a wonderful living atmosphere. There is a great variety of buildings – constructions from 80s to luxury and contemporary buildings. The niche which connect South park and boulevard “Bulgaria” is called “Nishava” street – where most of the shopping centers, markets and offices are situated.

The region never stop to evolves and that is why the interest from investors  here is undying. Pricing levels of offered properties starts from € 780 to € 850 per square meter for newly brick buildings. And  € 600 to € 700 euros per square meter for old buildings from late 80s and 90s.

-         Gotse Delchev district

Gotse Delchev is located in the Southern part of Sofia city. Near South park, boulevard “Bulgaria”, boulevard “Todor Kableshkov” and trade center “Bulgaria Mall”. Numerous restaurants, cafes, kindergartens and schools are some of the advantages that Gotse Delchev district offers to it’s residents.  The location is the area is characterized by harmony and beauty of nature combined with comfort and quick access to central parts of the city.

With the passage time Gotse Delchev becomes a very attractive area for construction companies and investors. There are established many new buildings that modernize the look of one of the oldest neighborhoods in Sofia city.

Based on received inquiries from Cash4Bulgarianproperties clients, we can conclude the interest of the area is rising. Generally the most demanded are studios and one – bedroom apartment. Most of the investor are looking apartments from themselves and a little part of them are looking to buy and let. Price levels in Gotse Delchev vary from  € 600 to € 680 per square meter for old buildings and € 750 to € 800 per square meter for new buildings.

-         Krastova vada district

Krastova vada is one of the fastest growing new neighborhoods in Sofia. It has a very convenient location, away from the urban environment in the same time with a very good communication to the central part of Sofia city. Krastova vada district is locked between South park, boulevard “Cherni vruh” and the Ring road.

Krastova vada gradually has formed as preferred location for the construction of houses, gated complexes and business developments. In the area are situated some of the famous gated communities:  “Silver city” complex, “Vitosha tulip”complex and “Sofia gardens” complex. The biggest and most visited trade center in Sofia – “Paradise center” is located in the area. Also new metro station will take place in the underground of the Mall. All this advantages make Krastova vada district more preferred place for living in Sofia.


Area is built up mainly with new brick buildings which corresponding to the modern requirements in the construction. Property price levels starts from € 700 per square meter and rising depending on the standard of the finishing works and furnishing.

South park will always remain one of the destinations for rest and relaxation in Sofia city. Just take a walk and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the park. Properties and districts around South park are and will be most preferred places for living in Sofia, because this areas are successful combination of hectic city life and tranquil atmosphere of South park.


Geo Milev quarter is one of the largest districts, located near the central part of capital Sofia. Its attractiveness from customers looking to buy or rent properties in the capital is due to the communicative location, quality construction of buildings, and there are several places for recreation and entertainment. Geo Milev quarter also features by its well-developed infrastructure and transport connections providing easy access to any part of the capital Sofia.



At Geo Milev district is situated and Galaxy Trade Center – the first multifunctional complex including office, retail and residential area. The building features a dynamic architecture, incredible panoramic views and communicative location. The complex combines the dynamic atmosphere of the urban environment with the beauty and tranquility of nature provided by one of the most beautiful parks in Sofia – a park "Geo Milev". In the area also are situated various schools, kindergartens, restaurants and supermarkets, as well as landmark buildings such as the sports halls "Festivalna" and "Universiada", hotel Pliska and the newly built multipurpose center "Arena Armeec".


With its key location in one of the oldest and most preferred residential and office accommodation quarters in Sofia city, with the clean and modern architecture, consisting of a ventilated facade with ceramic plates and glass the complex naturally fits into the surrounding environment, but also retained its contemporary outlook. For this reason, in the competition for luxury construction, architecture and design "Vip property awards 2011", the complex won the spatial exterior design for 2011.


Galaxy Trade Center – multifunctional building with contemporary architectural design and key location in Geo Milev quarter, Sofia


The location of the project is one of its main advantages. Situated on four streets, Galaxy Trade Center provides easy access to themselves by public transport or with your own vehicle. In close proximity are the governmental and administrative institutions (Registry Agency), research institutions, branches and structures of higher education and scientific institutions (University of Sofia "Kliment Ohridski" and BAS). Location of major thoroughfares such as Shipchenski Prohod Boulevard and Nikolay Kopernik Street provides a constant flow of people and vehicles. Only 200 meters from the shopping center is Hotel Pliska on the boulevard Tsarigradsko shosse, where have many stop buses, trolleybuses and trams, providing quick access to the complex from both the city center and the largest residential areas Mladost, Drujba, Iztok and Reduta.


Residential part of the Galaxy Trade Center with permission for living since 2011 and consists of 140 apartments, spread over an area of 28.000 sq. m. The interior of the building creates a sense of cosines and comfort. The apartments offered it can be stylishly furnished or unfurnished thus provides an opportunity for clients to shape the future home of your choice and with your own preferences. Heating in the building is central. One bedroom apartments with living area between 50 and 75 sq.m. and prices 800-850 Euros per sq.m. Two bedroom apartments in the building with an area of ​​100 to 125 sq.m. at price about 780-830 Euros per sq.m. Three bedroom apartments have a prices between 760-800 Euros per sq.m. and living area from 130 to 150 sq.m. Property prices vary depending on the number of floors, exhibition and furniture.



Office part of Galaxy Trade Center consists of 63 pieces offices with an area of ​​8.989,50sq.m. as the rental prices are 7-8 Euro per sq.m. Offices have everything you need – open space area, private bathroom, air conditioning and ventilation, cabling, Internet, security, CCTV and telephone. Advantage is the low operating costs.


Commercial part of the building is 12.000 sq.m. and consists of three levels: ground floor, basement and first floor. Three approaches provide access to it. The main entrance to the shopping area is situated at the crossroad of Shipchenski Prohod Boulevard and Nikolay Kopernik Street. Galaxy Trade Center has additional entrances from the east and north side of the complex, and also west of the Elisaveta Bagryana Street. With two spacious elevators reaches to do ground level parking building.


Preslav Complex, a place close to your heart!

Preslav Complex  is located in the prestigious south part of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, near Vitosha Natural Park. Preslav is a housing complex of closed type with controlled access and security guard. 85 flats, located in 11 housing sections, constructed in a cultivated land plot over an area of 18 decares - this is Preslav Housing Complex. 120 underground parking places, accessible from two main entrances to the complex, turning streets into walkways. The functional design of the site is entirely consistent with its favorable exposure and unique Vitosha mountain view. The housing complex is with a new and modern infrastructure. The street communications are constructed parallel with the buildings.

Preslav complex

Preslav is De luxe housing complex because of the fact that all the facilities and the building constructions are conformed with the up-to-date requirements and the most modern construction materials and technologies are used, approved by the European standard.The construction is a monolythic one, ferro-concrete, beamless. The roof construction is wooden, and the cover is from ceramic roof-tiles.

Surrounding areas: landscaping, finishing with available bushes and trees, walkways with appropriate pavement lane lighting, irrigation system, plumbing, outlets, tap all green areas included in the water network to the meter for general consumption. Outside walls: ensuring controlled access system. System 24 hour security and controlled access to residential areas and garages.

Major roads servicing the complex are:

- Boulevard Simeonovsko shose - providing fast access to center of Sofia and to the Natural Park "Vitosha";

- Ring Road - connecting Preslav Complex with Sofia Airport, the north, the east and the west quarters of the City, avoiding the traffic in center.

- 1 km from Vitosha National Park

4 km from Simeonovo ski-lift

3 km from the Hunting Park

- 8 km from Sofia City Center

15 km from the Sofia Airport

10 km from Central Bus Station Sofia

10 km from Train Station Sofia

 The Preslav Complex is close to:


Have apartment for sale or rent in the Preslav complex? We have a client for it!

Preslav complex

Daily in our company Cash4BulgarianProperties we receive dozens of emails from customers (investors) who want to buy or rent apartment in Preslav Complex:

Basic search:

-   One bedroom apartment (furnished)

-   One bedroom apartment (unfurnished)

-   Two bedroom apartment (furnished)

-   Two bedroom apartment (unfurnished)

-   Maisonette

 If you own a property in Preslav complex we will be happy if you contact us by e-mail or phone: +359878607722. We are ready to answer all your questions, to visit at a convenient time your property, no upfront fee and no obligations absolutely FREE to prepare a realistic assessment of the property, according to the current state of the market and commit ourselves to its sales in the fixed period.


Sofia Miramonte Complex – Prestige, security and comfort, breathtaking view and fresh air

Miramonte  Complex is located in one of the most prestigious and rapidly growing neighborhoods in Sofia  - Dragalevtsi. This area is attractive for investment and for living, offering  pace atmosphere and beautiful mountain scenery. However,  the access to the city center is quick and easy through Cherni Vrah and the Ring Road. The common areas are luxurious and extremely well maintained. The apartments are spacious and the design meets the current requirements for interior design of the space. The furniture is modern and stylish, the technique - high class.

Miramonte complex

You have a property for sale or rent in Miramonte complex? We have a client for it!

Our company www.Cash4BulgarianProperties.com specializes in the rapid sale of apartments, which are located in gated communities such as Miramonte Complex in Sofia. There is great interest from our customers (cash buyers) who are ready to buy immediately an apartment in the complex. For the first quarter of 2014 we have received over 20 requests from clients who are willing to purchase a property in Miramonte complex.

Basic search:

[dt_list style="1" dividers="true"]

[dt_list_item image=""]One bedroom apartment (furnished)[/dt_list_item]

[dt_list_item image=""]One bedroom apartment (unfurnished)[/dt_list_item]

[dt_list_item image=""]Two bedroom apartment (furnished)[/dt_list_item]

[dt_list_item image=""]Two bedroom apartment (unfurnished)[/dt_list_item]

[dt_list_item image=""]Three bedroom apartment[/dt_list_item]


Analysis of prices for sale and rental in Miramonte complex, Sofia 2013!

selling prices in Miramonte complex

Sold apartments:

[dt_list style="1" dividers="true"]

[dt_list_item image=""]Sold one-bedroom apartments - 40%[/dt_list_item]

[dt_list_item image=""]Sold two-bedroom apartments - 60%[/dt_list_item]


Average selling price:

[dt_list style="1" dividers="true"]

[dt_list_item image=""]Furnished apartment - 750 to 850 Euro per square meter.[/dt_list_item]

[dt_list_item image=""]Unfurnished apartment - 670 to 750 Euro per square meter.[/dt_list_item]


Average rental price:

[dt_list style="1" dividers="true"]

[dt_list_item image=""]Furnished one bedroom apartment - 300 to 350 Euro monthly rent[/dt_list_item]

[dt_list_item image=""]Furnished two bedroom apartment - 350 to 450 Euro monthly rent[/dt_list_item]

[dt_list_item image=""]Furnished three bedroom apartment - 450 to 600 Euro monthly rentt[/dt_list_item]


Our company www.Cash4BulgarianProperties.com offers its customers  free evaluation of properties, free analysis of finalized deals in the complex, security and achieving of higher sale and rental price, consistent with the condition of the property market in Sofia!


The unabated customer interest in apartments in gated complexes is due to the significant benefits which  they provide compared to other units in apartment blocks and buildings. Some of the important factors influencing a positive demand  are: first - security guaranteed by the day-and-night  guard,  second - quiet and availability of places for recreation, gardens, secured parking lots/ garages. Of great importance  of course is the location of the entire complex, which gives an easy access to any desired destination.

casa viva

Casa Viva Complex - Dream location for each client

With its excellent and strategic location, the famous gated community - Casa Viva, situated in Iztok area is highlighted as one of the most prestigious and expensive districts of the capital. Indicative is the fact that the demand  in Iztok quarter far exceeds supply, which is a prerequisite for rational investment decision with safe annual yield. Casa Viva complex is built in close proximity to major thoroughfares - Tsarigradsko shose Boulevard and G. M. Dimitrov Boulevard, thus providing quick and easy access to the center of the capital.

Casa Viva is a remarkable and luxurious gated complex which combines both style and comfort. It also guarantees privacy, natural atmosphere and comfort.

The property consistent of the highest construction standards, offers its residents 93 apartments, Medical center, Yoga center, outdoor swimming pool, playground, spacious landscaped garden, a luxury restaurant and plenty of other activities and services.

Have apartment for sale or rent in the Casa Viva Complex? We have a client for it!

Daily in our company Cash4BulgarianProperties we receive dozens of emails from customers (investors) who want to buy or rent apartment in Casa Viva Complex:




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[dt_list_item image=""]One-bedroom apartment (furnished);[/dt_list_item]

[dt_list_item image=""]One-bedroom apartment (completed);[/dt_list_item]

[dt_list_item image=""]Two-bedroom apartment (luxury);[/dt_list_item]

[dt_list_item image=""]Two-bedroom apartment (completed);[/dt_list_item]

[dt_list_item image=""]Apartment with three or more bedrooms;[/dt_list_item]





More and more property owners from Ireland and UK contact us by phone and make daily email inquiries about consultation, free valuation or potential sale of the property which they own in Bulgaria and mainly Sofia.

Cash4BulgarianProperties specializes in working primarily with clients from Ireland and England.

These are mostly sellers who have invested through the years, when the property market in Bulgaria was on the rise.Over the past three years we had the opportunity to work with many British customers.  They have contacted us, mainly in order to escape from the investment made in Bulgaria.

We analyzed, in detail, all finalized deals made by our customers from Britain. The main priority for us, in our work, is to gain the trust of our clients and show them the quality results that we at Cash4BulgarianProperties, can deliver. Our clients are assured that we will protect their interests and will achieve the highest possible purchase price, consistent with the current market reality in Bulgaria.

We also understand the frustration and embarrassment of our customers. Many of them share the problems that they had with some of the other companies offering extremely unprofitable terms for the resale of their property.

This led us to focus and make a properly structured approach for working with this type of disappointed clients.

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What we offer is:

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[dt_list_item image=""]Daily communication (Skype, phone and email).[/dt_list_item]

[dt_list_item image=""]Prices analysis of actual transactions in the area or the complex in which the apartment is located.[/dt_list_item]

[dt_list_item image=""]Discuss and comment with the client every inquiry about his property.[/dt_list_item]

[dt_list_item image=""]Professional handling of the entire transaction. We do NOT try and hide the disadvantages, if any, of the property (such as bad location, irregular disposition of the rooms, ect.), from our clients, as those will inevitably reflect on the final value.[/dt_list_item]


We expect thousands of properties to find their buyers over the next few years. Statistics show that around 30,000 Irish citizens have properties in Bulgaria, worth over 1 billion euros. Every day we receive plenty of inquiries from Bulgarian and Russian clients (investors) who are ready to buy such properties in Sofia, Sunny Beach and Bansko.

georgi gospodinov



Georgi Penev
General Manager and Founder of Cash4BulgarianProperties


If you want to sell your property in Sofia there are few things that you might want to know about the city in general. First and foremost is the fact the Bulgarian capital is one of the most beautiful cities in Southeastern Europe. It is for this reason that many people from across the continent are choosing to buy property here. The city is surrounded by quite a number of natural features key among them mountains. There are four mountains in particular that stand out namely Vitosha, Stara Planina, Lozenska and Lyulin. Sofia has a population of over 1.2 million people and this has been growing over the years. Most of Bulgaria's major academic institutions of higher learning and companies have their headquarters in Sofia. Having been in existence for over two millennia, Sofia is extremely rich in history. It is, in fact, the cultural capital of Bulgaria.

Sell Your Real Estate in Sofia: Variety

There are all manner of real estate properties in the city of Sofia from villas to townhouses to apartments all of which are on demand. This means that if you want to sell your property in Sofia, eventually you will be able to find a buyer regardless of its type. Quite a number of those who are interested in purchasing property in this part of Europe are cash buyers. These are people who are looking to invest in the city's real estate industry as opposed to purchasing a holiday home or something of the sort. This, however, is not to say that holiday seekers are not buying homes in the city. If you are looking to sell your home in Sofia, the first thing you should do is to have it valued by professionals. There are two main reasons why this is important. First is because if you undervalue your property then you will obviously end up losing money. On the other hand if you overvalue your property, you will have a very difficult time finding a buyer, leave alone one who is willing to pay cash.

Sell Your Real Estate Property in Sofia: The Economic Crunch and the Typical Buyer

The city of Sofia was not spared by the global economic crunch. According to statistics, demand for property plummeted and with it the home prices. First forward to today and things are looking more promising. According to experts, such a turn of events will not be witnessed in the near future. To say the least, the best time to sell your property in Sofia is now. What home buyers in Sofia are looking for are quality properties at the right price. This does not mean that they want the cheapest homes available. Provided you can clearly demonstrate the value that your property has to offer, you will have a relatively easy time getting it off the market.

Sell Your Property in Sofia: Getting Your Property Off the Market

You can either choose to sell your property in Sofia immediately or monitor the market for several months before finally making the decision. Despite the fact that the property market in Sofia isn't looking too bad, it is important to understand that the process of getting your home off the market can be quite challenging. You have to target the right segments, at the right time and with the correct pitch. The good news is that you don't have to do all this work by yourself. By enlisting the services of a real estate agent, the entire process will be made so much easier. In fact, yours will only be to wait for a call from the agent with information on interested buyers and what they have to offer.

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