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Summer activities in Bansko resort

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The most popular resort in Bulgaria - Bansko is the winter capital of the Balkans and over the past two years attracts more tourists during the summer months. Every year in the city organize more events to make it a year-round resort. For all who have not visited Bansko in the summer yet, we will provide information on recreation during warmer months.

Mountain Tracks

Outdoors in Pirin Mountains – Pirin is a great place for a whole range of outdoor activities. Hiking and trekking in summer is possible following the extensive network of marked tourist trails and staying overnight in mountain chalets and lodges. There are 40 peaks above 2500 m. The climate is typically mountainous, with Mediterranean influence in the south part. In the summer and autumn during the day is hot and in the evening the temperatures fall down. One of the most picturesque parts of Pirin's landscape is 176 crystal-clear mountain lakes which are called the eyes of the mountain in the Bulgarian folklore. All of them have glacial origin and are usually situated at the bottom of spectacular cirques surrounded by rugged marble slopes and snow-capped peaks.

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Particularly interesting for tourists trips to: Rila Monastery, Kovachevitsa, Bachevo, Melnik, Rozhen Monastery, Rupi, Sandanski, Park Dancing Bears, Leshten, Ognyanovo. All are located no more than one hour drive from Bansko.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is a wonderful way to stay in shape, it's quite enjoyable and sits well with nature. Pirin Mountain offers wonderful biking conditions in the summer – from June all the way up to late September. Bansko is the hub for mountain biking in the region and has many exciting routes around it, all in the protected territory of Pirin national park.

Rock Climbing

For lovers of extreme and adventurers offer to feel the contact with the mountains and to try rock climbing. You can practice this sport in mountains is held in place "Caves" 3km from Bansko. Elsewhere allowed to practice climbing are: northern wall of the peak Vihren, peaks: Kamenica, Suhodol, Banderishki chukar, chukar Vashliyski, Sinanitsa, Dzhangal and Yalovarnika.Horse Riding


SPA and Wellness

In the region around Bansko have several large thermal springs - those in Banya, Dobrinishte and Eleshnitsa.

If you want quiet holiday can take advantage of the many festivals that take place in the summer every year. This year was held the 19th edition of the Bansko Jazz Festival it garnered many fans of jazz music. Next year's festival is 20 years anniversary and organizers promised there will be many intriguing stars of the stage.

In the last year investment interest in properties in the resort increases and if you have interest in buying a property you can contact Cash4BulgarianProperties for more details. We have a variety of properties in Bansko and the surrounding regions including the golf course area.

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