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The local people in Sofia known also as “Shopi” have a cheerful folk song that states that there’s nothing higher than Vitosha Mountain, and there’s nothing deeper than Iskar River in the world. As for the trade and luxury showcases there is no other place in Sofia to can compare withVitosha boulevard.

Vitosha boulevard is one of the main thoroughfares in the Sofia’s center, which starts from the “St. Petka” Square, continues through the top center, intersects with boulevards "Patriarh Evtimii" and "Bulgaria", passes through the district “Ivan Vazov” and finishes at the crossing of The South Park. People of Sofia and tourists of the city love to walk on this boulevard, because of the multiple shopping options available in the boutiques and luxury shops, restaurants, bars and cafes located there.

In the pedestrian part of "Vitosha" boulevard, known as "Vitoshka", there is no auto traffic. In contrast, there are various social events regularly organized on the boulevard.

Many people compare this boulevard with the popular Champs Elysées in Paris. The street lighting is has been changed to look even more attractive.

Vitosha boulevard

After opening the new metro station "National Palace of Culture," which is located under the boulevard, and improving infrastructure, the interest in the emblematic "Vitosha" boulevard is very strong and the area regained his allure and the feel of city center.

You have a property for sale near the “Vitosha” boulevard? We have a client for it!

Our company www.Cash4BulgarianProperties.com specializes in the quick sale and letting apartments, which are located near the “Vitosha” boulevard. There is great interest from our clients (cash buyers and tenants), who are ready to buy or rent apartments near the “Vitosha” boulevard immediately. According our statics for the last quarter of 2015 we have received more than 50 enquiries from clients who are willing to purchase or rent a property near the “Vitosha” boulevard.

The apartments, located near the “Vitosha” boulevard, always were a “Hot Spot” for purchase or rent from Bulgarians and foreigners.

Property analysis by www.Cash4BulgarianProperties.com are showing the current market levels for selling and renting prices:

Selling prices vary from 950-1300 euros / sq.m, depending on in which part of the boulevard are situated. The highest prices are in the region in the pedestrian zone.

You have a property for rent near the “Vitosha” boulevard? We have a client for it!

Renting prices depends of the type of the apartment and it’s condition:

  • studio – 230 – 260 EUR;
  • one-bedroom apartment – 280 – 350 EUR;
  • two-bedroom apartment – 350 – 450 EUR;
  • three-bedrooms apartments – 450 – 600 EUR;
  • maisonette – 450 – 550 EUR;

Vitosha boulevard Sofia city

The architectural complex on Vitosha boulevard located in the section from the Courthouse to the National Palace of Culture, consists of about 50 buildings. Shops are located on the ground floor and above them about 3 - 5 floors are occupied by business offices and housing. With a few exceptions, the buildings are built between the two World Wars.

Further improvements of the boulevard are to be made in the near future. To solve the parking problems of the local people an underground parking will be built under the boulevard with a capacity of between 200 and 300 vehicles.

Our company www.Cash4BulgarianProperties.com offers its customers Free Property Valuation, Free Analysis of Finalized deals in the area of the “Vitosha” boulevard.

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