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Real estate market is divided into two main segments - residential and commercial areas. Cash 4 Bulgarian Properties is recognised as an expert on investing in residential property.
Assessment and recognition we have received from our many customers from all over the world who, thanks to our experience and knowledge, could successfully invest in real estate or acquire their dream home .

We, at Cash 4 Bulgarian Properties, know that buying a home is a complex process that requires a lot of information, time and skills to make an advantageous and profitable investment. Devoid of emotion, based solely on our experience and your preferences, we focus on our top 5 criteria that are proven formula for successful investment:

Location – this is the major, a key criterion giving the so-called "real value" of the property. Cosmopolitan centre of business and life or exotic place for recreation? These are high risk areas prone to cycles of ups and downs in value; nevertheless, it is a matter of necessity or personal choice.

Neighbourhood – once defined geographical point, we must find the area and neighbour environment. The best, safest neighbourhoods should just make sure that you do not just fit, and belong to them. And remember, the choice of the area and neighbour environment, ensure and add value to your property!

Construction – widely known rule is that low density increases property value. The architectural design and its name, the quality of materials used and its implementation. Additional amenities like lift, security, outdoor garden, fitness or SPA centre, bar or restaurant, garage or parking and more. Nice view and disposition are a very valuable asset. Number of floors is also a priority and determines the value of the property!

Architectural distribution – at first place we have a very good look at the floor plan and make sure that creates a feeling of spaciousness and practical use of the property, according to achieve your requirements. Then we check the property for cracks, rising damp, wiring and plumbing, heating and other potential major cost items. Prerequisite for purchase is that the „structural integrity„ of the property is not disturbed. Finally, analyse the possibility of adding value to the property, for example, renovations and interior design.

Facilities and environment – any buyer or tenant is willing to pay extra for peace of mind and comfort. Top rated and sought after properties are located in the quiet streets close to parks and green spaces. They are consistently followed by properties in the near convenient transport facilities - avenues, metro stations, bus stops, bus stations, and airports railway stations. Conditions as follow kindergartens and schools, medical centres, financial institutions, shopping centres. Purchase of property hot spots such as the capital, resorts, cultural or historical centres carries a higher risk, but also makes it possible to achieve exceptional growth and the opportunity to receive higher incomes than the value of the property.

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If you are interested in buying or want to invest in real estate in Bulgaria, but do not know the market, this service will be useful for you. Just send us your requirements and our consultant will contact you by phone or e-mail to clarify all details of your investment interests and will start working on them.

Real estate market is a direct reflection of the state of the economy as a whole. Processes with activation or decline in business environment are a direct impact on the demand and supply of property. Despite all the factors that influence, purchase of real estate remains a relatively affordable and safe investment instrument. After years of severe recession in the short and medium term, there is a movement in the industry, driven mainly by foreign investors over time cyclically changing only its geographical profile. In the longer term trends are again positive. Once the real estate market in Bulgaria went through a stage of maturation comes to develop its liquidity. Thus Bulgarian property market will be close to the standards of the developed property markets.

To professional Investors looking to diversify their investment portfolio by investing in Bulgarian real estate, we offer the following support associated with the realisation of these intentions:

  • Market research and prioritisation of objectives
  • Structuring and implementation of transaction
  • Full support in all aspects of implementation

Cash 4 Bulgarian Properties ensure that Bulgaria can still offer a very good return and growth capital investments in real estate!

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