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You're ready to start your own business, but for one reason or another you need support!

The franchise model of Cash 4 Bulgarian Properties is the formula for anyone who wants to run his own business with a low initial investment and without taking too much risk. The advantage of this model is based on several important factors - access to a strong brand, an established business model providing "know-how", training and best practices. Unlike traditional Franchising, our model allows to obtain additional income from Franchisees by attracting investors as well as giving them the opportunity to build a portfolio of properties to ensure their own funds and generate a good passive income.

Franchising is a strategic business agreement that governs the relationship between market actors, as a kind of commercial concession or rental brand and successful business model, under certain conditions and for a fee. Franchising and operating system originated in the late XIX century in America and represents the most dynamic expansion strategy and business growth that has ever created.

Key advantages of the franchise model of Cash 4 Bulgarian Properties:

  • Quick start and strategy that is mutually beneficial for the parties
  • Low risk in the global real estate business
  • Access to multiple channels for marketing and advertising
  • Standardised processes for customer service
  • Focus and specialization in different market segments
  • Wide range of services in accordance with best practice

What is required of Franchisees of Cash 4 Bulgarian Properties:

  • Initial capital for starting a business
  • Motivation for development of this business model
  • Seriously willingness to learn and improve knowledge
  • Strict adherence to the highest standards and rules for customer service
  • Correct implementation of the obligations and responsibilities under the contract
  • Ideal location for business development

For application, more questions about details and comments, please contact us by e-mail: info@cash4bulgarianproperties.com

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