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Find Answers to some of the Frequently Asked Questions!

You should choose Cash4BulgarianProperties, because we have the experience and “know-how” to make your quick property sale. When you contact us, you can expect the best solutions for your investments. We will make every effort to earn your trust! There is no better choice for your sale and peace of mind from our hassle-free deals. Our success lies in offering you the most reliable and efficient property sale service that you deserve...

What type of property do you buy, does it matter in what condition the property is?
We buy all types of properties – apartments, houses, villas, commercial properties, land, etc. Functional status of the property is also irrelevant to us, but is necessarily that you know it is a determining factor in the valuation of the property!
How quickly will I get an offer for my property, am I obligated to accept this offer?
The entire process is fast, easy and completely stress-free. Within 24 hours after we access the property, our consultants will have made ​​inspection and valuation, you will accordingly receive your offer. It is absolutely free, no upfront fee, no obligation!
Should I accept the offer immediately if I am not satisfied with it, can I make a counter- offer?
No, you do not have any obligations. Each offer has 30 days limitation period, then it shall be considered void! Of course, if you want to you can make a counter offer, but in general we try to do the best and make it easier for people who really want to sell!
Do I have to pay any advance fees, are there any hidden charges later?
No, there are no pre- payment fees, no hidden costs or obligations on our valuation. In fact, in a transaction, we will even pay all attorney fees for preparation of documents and study the status of the property!
What does a quick sale mean, how long does the whole process take?
Quickly and easily, if that’s in your interest – unlike traditional property sale that could drag months, even years. Within 24 hours after making inspection of the property, we will make a valuation and you will receive your offer. If the documents evidencing ownership and legal status of the property meet the legal requirements for the sale without special conditions, we can proceed with the deal and you can get your cash within 30 working days.
If I happen to change my mind during the sales process, what happens?
We try to be as flexible as we can to meet all your needs. If any problem occurs during the sales process, by all means, we will try to solve it for mutual benefit!
Can I sell my property if it is mortgaged or restrained by other liens?
Yes, many people take this step in order to release cash with a quick sale if they have difficulty to pay their mortgage. To do this you need to provide our lawyers all documents and contracts which you have for the establishment of property rights and others , so that they can verify whether you have sufficient capital value of the property to be realized deal!
Can I sell my property if I am not the sole owner?
Law regulates all forms of ownership, various forms of limited rights and others, also the rights of all owners of the property. According to the legal forms and requirements, we buy only full ownership of real estate!
Do I need a lawyer, can I use my lawyer?
In transactions with real estate, we always recommend that you use the services of a lawyer to fulfil all the legal formalities. Free as part of the bid for the property, we provide services of our highly skilled lawyer, who will quickly and smoothly check and prepare all documents. Yes, it is possible to use your own lawyer, but this may delay the process of finalising the transaction and will require you to pay for it!
Should I prepare any documents and what are my responsibilities under this part of the deal?
No, our goal is to make this process easy for you, while taking care of all the legal and financial formalities. Your only responsibility is to provide us documents proving your right of ownership and to sign a formal contract with us to complete the normal legal documentation required for each sale of real estate!
When and how will I get my money from the sale of the property?
We guarantee that in the day of the closing of the transaction in the notary we will make the transfer of the money in the manner and under conditions that are negotiated and recorded in advance in the contract between us. Without fudge and promises, you should know that our professional motivation is to make the fastest deal!
Do I need to personally visit your office to finalize the deal?
We are based in Sofia, Bansko and Sunny Beach if you want anytime you can visit one of our offices. Under the provisions of Bulgarian legislation, any person may be represented by another specifically authorized person to exercise his will. Thus you are not obligated to personally come to our office to finalise the transaction, which is especially important asset for our many international clients who do not live in Bulgaria!
Is there someone who will know about the possible sale of my property?
We guarantee that we will take care of the security and confidentiality of your information. We declare that we do not provide to third parties information about sales of our records!
Do you offer options to buy back the property?
Yes, it is possible to provide an option to repurchase the property within 1 year. Price can be agreed in advance and fixed for the duration of the option to repurchase.
Are you a real estate agency?
Yes, we are an independent company registered under the Commercial Code of the Republic of Bulgaria with main activity the sale of real estate and brokerage business in the country and abroad.

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