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Cash 4 Bulgarian Properties is a trademark of the independent Bulgarian company Excel Property Investment Ltd. The main subject of the business of our company is real estate transactions. We serve clients in a manner and to standards that meet the best international practices. Excel Property Investment created a team of educated young people with creative thinking, motivated to build a career in one of the most competitive and rapidly evolving industries. Since its establishment in 2008, our company aims to work with the widest range of customers throughout the world , seeking to cover with its service all segments of the real estate market .

Cash 4 Bulgarian Properties specialises in quick property sale. Regardless of the reasons which make this solution, we can offer secure transactions with no stress, no upfront fee and obligations, absolute confidentiality. Based on our professional experience we buy property after assessment of the risks involved, according to the significant changes that the market has undergone in recent years. Our main goal is to create our own property portfolio with long-term investment goal!

Cash 4 Bulgarian Properties will relieve you from the usual transaction costs, uncertainty and delays associated with traditional real estate sales. We love our profession and work with thought of the future, honesty and customer care.

The following are just a small part of our Services:

Sale of property in need of cash and dealing with debt
You are in dire need of cash to solve the financial problems that will most likely get worse if they do not meet the deadline. If the only option for dealing with debt problems and the release of equity remains the sale of your own property, we offer a quick solution to all these problems by offer to purchase the property within 24 hours. Simple and easy, totally safe and stress-free for you as owners with guaranteed confidentiality.
Sale of property to prevent seizure or bankruptcy protection
There are many factors that can influence so you can experience financial difficulties with their mortgage payments. We offer an efficient service through a quick sale of the property to help you generate the necessary cash. Traditional property sale is a process that can take months or even a year before completion and your property may be taken from the bank. We can offer you a solution to all the financial problems, tailored to your individual needs.
Sale of property at divorce and division of property
Each separation is severe, each new home is better. Divorce or separation, this is one of the most stressful and traumatic events through which people sometimes need to go in life. Adding to all this and need to sell a property in this delicate moment, the task appears daunting to say the least. We will help you to quickly find a solution to this problem that is consistent with all the claims and is mutually beneficial. Our process does not include absolutely no advance fees and hidden costs.
Selling property in poor health
Ill-health is an unfortunate situation that may require express change all your life plans. Unforeseen costs associated with ill health, sometimes requiring the sale of real estate in order to obtain the necessary funds for private medical care, operations and associated costs. We can offer you fast and reliable stress-free solution which, unlike the traditional method of selling real estate, you will save a lot of time.
Sale of property inherited upon bereavement
Sale and division of property in such a heavy emotional moment , sometimes really proves impossible task. It may take you a lot of time and energy, you want to focus on your family and your loss. We can save you time and money, especially if you do not live near the property that you have inherited and it is difficult to assess the current state of the market in this area. We will offer you a quick sale of the property without any prior fees and hidden costs.
Sale of property due to relocation or emigration
Moving into a new home is an unforgettable experience for you and your family. This is especially exciting if you move into a new geographic area or even more if you go to other parts of the world. However, this moment of excitement can be thwarted or hampered by the sale of the existing, already old home. Do not allow market forces to control your future through traditional sales methods. We will offer a quick solution to this problem so that you can concentrate on the next stages of your live.
Sale of property after retirement and start a new life
Throughout your career, you work tirelessly in order to retire in comfort and indulge in relaxation and well-deserved rest in your third age. Sad, however, is the finding in recent years that your savings and retirement funds, can not guarantee the level and quality of life you have dreamed of while working. Then comes a very personal question, do you need a property that is still a primary asset or to follow your dreams. With our stress-free service you will have money in the bank account and the freedom to choose the way in which to proceed!

Our Team

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Trendafil Dryankov

CASH Offer Expert

Email: tr.dryankov@excelproperty.biz
Phone: +359 (0) 2 97 33 111
Mobile: +359 (0) 878 91 9292

Address: 27-29 Nikolay Kopernik Str., office 10A, Geo Milev quarter, Sofia

Georgi Penev Cash 4 Bulgarian Properties

Georgi Penev

CASH Offer Expert

Email: sofia@excelproperty.biz
Phone: + 359 (0) 2 97 33 111
Mobile: + 359 (0) 878 60 77 22

Address: 27-29 Nikolay Kopernik Str., office 10A, Geo Milev quarter, Sofia

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