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Fascinating Arena Complex with Apartments for Sale on the "Marina Dinevi" in Sveti Vlas

Home » Bulgarian Property News » Fascinating Arena Complex with Apartments for Sale on the "Marina Dinevi" in Sveti Vlas

The luxury apartment complex Arena is distinguished by its strategic location, on the waterfront of the Black Sea coast with direct access to the beautiful "Marina Dinevi". Like most holiday complexes built by Investment Company "Dinevi Group", Arena complex is distinguished by its architecture, which is subordinated to the Bulgarian Renaissance traditions in construction. The architectural ensemble of apartments for sale consists of 12 buildings have 197 apartments of various types with an area of ​​22 to 197 square meters, all of them with wonderful sea views. The luxurious five-bedroom apartments and penthouses have saunas and other facilities to satisfy even the smallest caprices of their owners required. All apartments in Arena complex are designed according to the standards of category 4 and 5 stars, finished at stage "turnkey" and intended for year-round use. Two single-family luxury homes (semidetached) complete the overall appearance of the complex.

Sv. Vlas Arena_2

The luxurious complex with holiday apartments Arena is built on a plot with length of 335 m and is conditionally divided into two parts. The Community center that separates the complex includes an outdoor amphitheater "Arena" with 450 seats, hairdresser, doctor's cabinet, SPA-center with everything you need for relaxation, fitness hall, games room, supermarket, kindergarten, watchtower to the sea, parking spaces for the owners of the apartments and their guests. Here is also the newly built Orthodox Church "Sveti Vlasiy". In both parts of the luxury Arena complex has swimming pools for adults and children who are surrounded by picturesque landscaped gardens and interior lanes. The combination of mountain and sea air along with its unique location becomes Arena complex at preferred place for the fans of yachting tourism.

The luxury yacht port "Marina Dinevi" in Sveti Vlas, the perfect place for a stylish life and leisure on the Black Sea

Yacht port "Marina Dinevi" is the only one of its kind in the Bulgarian Black Sea. In 2005 the project "Marina Dinevi" in Sveti Vlas won one of the most prestigious international awards for investment projects Bentley Award and thus became one of the most prestigious yacht complexes in the world. Particular in the construction of this yacht port is that it is the first in Bulgaria, which is being built by a private investor in the person of "Dinevi Group" by 100% private funds.

Marina DInevi_3

The luxury yacht port "Marina Dinevi" has a capacity for 300 yachts and offers excellent conditions to stay home port. Use of electricity, water, TV, internet, maintenance and service are just part of the various range of services related to the operation and maintenance of yachts. On the territory of "Marina Dinevi" create excellent conditions for business, cultural and sporting activities. Besides luxury 5-star hotel "Palace" and casino, the yacht port offers visitors a variety of catering establishments, restaurants, night clubs, medical center and office building containing offices for the needs of the port, in which also occupied: customs border crossing, border police, port authorities, there are already rooms for business meetings and conferences. The main priority in the management of the yacht port "Marina Dinevi" is the quality of services and ensuring peace and security of all visitors. For this purpose in the complex is provided permanent physical security and video surveillance around the clock. The luxury yacht port "Marina Dinevi" in Sveti Vlas launched the development of yacht tourism in Bulgaria.

Preparation of the Power of Attorney (PoA) for sale of real estate in Bulgaria

Want to sell your property in Bulgaria? You need holidays, travel arrangements, booking airline tickets – all this means unplanned expenditure of funds and need a lot of free time.Hardly time ago you have thought that buying a real estate in Bulgaria, away from home,  at some point, will be very difficult. Dynamic life overloaded daily schedule and at some point the organization and implementation of this sale becomes a mission impossible for you – our professional advice is nevertheless, in this moment of stagnation of the real estate market cannot miss the opportunity to realize deal because nobody can guarantee you, when you get the second one! Relief and comfort in the Bulgarian legislation in these cases there is an opportunity for formal representation by you through legally authorized to do so by a third person whose notarized Power of Attorney (PoA)! It can perform all actions necessary to implement the deal for the sale of the real estate on your behalf.

Once they are have prepared Power of Attorney (PoA), it is important first of all to find a copy of the original document and to determine the period of its operation. Quite often the Powers of attorney (PoA) make permanent! We form Cash4BulgarianProperties always recommend the Power of Attorney (PoA) for sale of real estate to prepare after receiving the stop-deposit! This is very important because, although the Power of Attorney (PoA) is valid indefinitely, according to Bulgarian laws, the Declaration of citizenship and civil status and the Declaration of absence of tax liabilities, which must be prepared in a package with Power of Attorney (PoA) to sell a limitation period expiring after the calendar years of their establishment. Under this condition, they must be drawn again to the current date, and that means additional costs of time and money for you! Another important document that must accompany the Power of Attorney (PoA) for the sale of real estates in Bulgaria is a Marriage certificate.

If you wish to cancel an existing Power of Attorney (PoA) given by you with the help of an Lawyer and a copy of the original document can easily create a new Power of Attorney (PoA) to cancel all existing powers at the time! If you already have a legal representative with Power of Attorney (PoA) in Bulgaria can easily share it with us to contact him and try to work together for the successful implementation of the deal for the sale of your real estate. If you want to discuss this or any other question related to the preparation of documents for the sale of real estate in Bulgaria, PLEASE CONACT US at any time convenient for you!!!

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