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Sell your Property in Barcelo Royal Beach Complex, Sunny Beach Resort

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Barcelo Royal Beach is a great complex with perfect location in the center of Sunny Beach resort, just 50 meters from the sea. The most attractive and luxurious complex is an amazing combination of modern 5* star hotel, six hull of different types apartments for sale at bargain prices and a shopping center (mall) with many places for entertainment and recreation. The building of Barcelo Royal Beach features a perfect combination of breathtaking traditional Mediterranean architecture and mystical elements. The unique architectural design in a harmonious combination with the surroundings, make the Barcelo Royal Beach complex in one of the new emblems of Sunny Beach resort. This philosophy in the construction of the Barcelo Royal Beach made it possible to create the biggest garden in Sunny Beach, which has an area of ​​over 9000 square meters. This garden is a masterpiece that conveys prestige, exotic and luxury, which perfectly depicts the logo of the complex. The combination of natural plants, rocks, sand and water is the perfect place to escape the noise and hustle of everyday life. Pool bar and restaurant in the garden of Barcelo Royal Beach, the 4 swimming pools with different shapes and sizes (one indoor and heated), numerous places of entertainment and relaxation are a guarantee for rest and relaxation. For those who need specific therapies to restore vitality, Barcelo Royal Beach offers first-class SPA and a Health Center, including saunas, jacuzzi, recreation, medical services and more. Regardless of the relaxation procedure you need, you'll always feel special. The cosmopolitan atmosphere of Barcelo Royal Beach resort is complemented by a unique, first of its kind opened Mall in the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. This includes more than 120 stores and 6 different thematic restaurants.

The History of Barcelo Beach Resort Apartment Complex

The construction of Barcelo Royal Beach started in the fall of 2005 and the complex was opened in the beginning of the tourist season in 2007. The total number of apartments for sale is 504 of two different types - studio and one-bedroom apartments. All are offered for sale fully furnished with stylish modern interior design and high quality furniture meeting the most exacting tastes and requirements. For the most part, sales of apartments in Barcelo Royal Beach were realized at the "off-plan", at price levels 1000-1250 Euro per sq.m. The main share of thesebuyers were citizens of the United Kingdom, who then took advantage of the comfort and benefits that had British pound against the Euro.

Investments in Bulgaria

Analysts of the Forex market remember well that at that time Currency Exchange Rates positions were GBP 1/1.40-1.50 EUR. With its investment in the Barcelo Royal Beach property owners first realized profits that materialized after the devaluation of the British Pound in 2009-

10 to levels of 1.15-17 EUR. The global economic crisis and subsequent recession collapsed the prices of the real estates in Sunny Beach with up to 20-30%. However, and though most of the apartment owners who purchased one of those properties were not aware, even with this financial changes, UK buyers were able to preserve their investments and be protected from losses. Barcelo Royal Beach is one of the best managed complexes in Sunny Beach and over the years all of the apartment owners receive a guaranteed annuity, which increases the returns to the invested capital to each of them. The foreign exchange market recovered positions in recent years. GBP 1/1.21-1.23 EUR is very stable and so it is clear that the purchase of an apartment in a quality and luxurious complex as Barcelo Royal Beach in Sunny Beach is a guaranteed Investment and brings good profits even just in a few years. On the Bulgarian property market prices also remained stable, with no tendency to move up or down beyond the statistical error. If you own an apartment in Barcelo Royal Beach complex and need to sale your this property, you can easily transgress to deal and realize a good profit. Current state of the market ensures the realization of sale at price levels 700-800 Euros per sq.m., which is another proof of the best Investment that you have made. If you need a real estate agent to deal with the sale of your property, in the collaboration with our company Cash4BulgarianProperties.com can find a trusted partner without any upfront fee and no obligation. At our customer base we have a long list of potential buyers who are immediately ready to buy your apartment in complex Barcelo Royal Beach at a price for a studio of around 33 000 Euros and the price of one-bedroom apartment up to 55 000 Euros. Any attempts to sell an apartment in Barcelo Royal Beach of Sunny Beach over these price levels currently, is very speculative and doomed to failure.

Investments in holiday properties in Sunny Beach resort, Bulgaria

Sunny Beach

Bulgaria continues to be in the TOP 10 tourist destinations that must be visited, and Sunny Beach remains the most popular Bulgarian holiday resort. The trend of positive growth was maintained over the past few years, according to statistics of the State Tourism Agency (STA). From the perspective of the real estate market, raising the rating of Bulgaria as a tourist destination should mean increased interest in the purchase and rental of vacation properties. Despite the positive signs however, Sunny Beach does not seem change the dynamics of the property market nor are there trends for higher prices. Reasons for this are a number of unresolved problems in the resort infrastructure, low quality of tourism services at very low prices of accommodation that do not guarantee a good return for professional Investors in real estate. The liquidity of the property remains low, the profitability of rental apartments in Sunny Beach resort is about 5% per year, which means a weak returns. At the moment, on the secondary market, we have apartments for sale at bargain prices that can become the perfect place for your summer vacations and holidays. In the long term however, perspectives and estimates are pretty good as the Burgas area has emerged as the first megapolis in Bulgaria. Reinforcing tendencies are that more foreign customers, from different nationalities, are interested in buying a property in Bulgaria. It draws prospects of the real estate market in Bulgaria and ensures its growth, because we are coming out of the bubble crated by United Kingdom and Irish citizens at the start of the property boom. Now, these are mostly in the role of sellers and the buyers mainly from Russia. At the moment, the real estate market has a dominant interest in the Black Sea resorts. Sunny Beach again remains the preferred place for the purchase of property. Extremely low prices, favorable moderate continental climate and low cost of living continues to be the main motive for the purchase of holiday property in Bulgaria.


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