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Properties For Sale and For Rent near The Remarkable South Park in Sofia City

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South park is located near to the ideal center  of the Bulgarian capital – Sofia. It is one of the biggest and most visited parks in Sofia city. Access to South park is very easy through the most famous boulevard in Sofia – “Vitosha” boulevard. People from every part of the city can approach South park due to it’s proximity of metro station on “Cherni vruh” boulevard and bus stops which are located all around the park on the boulevard “Petko Todorov”, “Byala cherkva” street.


Which are the quarters that surround South park?

-         Lozenets  district

Lozenets is one of the biggest districts in Sofia city. Located in the heart of the capital, Lozenets is among of the most popular and preferred destinations of Sofia. It’s large area, allows us to observe a  great variety of architecture and different type of design and construction. Most of the building are small, not more than four-five floors set amongst picturesque gardens with views of downtown and the peaks of Vitosha mountain.  All the advantages offered by the Lozenets region make it extremely preferred place for investment.

Price levels in Lozenets district are always attractive. Quality of the buildings, proximity to the South park and great infrastructure of the area are the key prerequisites that performs one of  the highest real estate prices in Sofia city. Prices here starts from 850 euro to 1000 euros per square meter depends on property condition and type of the construction.

Customers who are looking for investment opportunities, to buy and let property,  Lozenets district for sure is the area where investments in property are 100% profitable.

-          Rent for apartments with one bedroom are 270-320 euros per month and for two-bedroom apartments is 350-400 euros per month.

This type of investment will generate a positive cashflow every month for those who are considering to purchase property in Lozenets district.

-         Hladilnika district

Hladilnika is the smallest quarter which surrounds the South park. It is located close proximity to Lozenets district.  Its borders are boulevard "Cherni vruh" to the east,  South Park to the west, boulevard  "Nikola. Vaptzarov " to the north and to the south borders “Srebarna” street.

Due still available parcels in that area which in recent years has actively built up, this is one of the neighborhoods with the most new construction. Real estate prices in Hladilnika district reached those in "Lozenets " . Traditionally seeking luxury homes adjacent to the South Park area of the new American Embassy and Government Hospital .

Property prices in Hladilnika district remain stable regardless of economic crisis. Price levels vary from €850 per square meter  to €950 per square meters.

-         Ivan Vazov district

Ivan Vazov district is the most prestigious area in the southern part of Sofia city. To the north bordered by boulevard "Bulgaria" and to the south and east with the beautiful "South Park" of Sofia city. “Vitosha” street cross through the heart of Ivan Vazov district where most-famous restaurants and boutiques take place in Sofia. The area is built up with a new and modern buildings, also with old but high quality constructions from the 80s and 90s. On the border with South park are situated two of the iconic buildings in Sofia city – “Park residence” and “Red apple”.

Offering of the properties for purchase in the region of Ivan Vazov will become more limited, because the area is relatively small and there is no possibility of establishing new buildings. Despite the high prices of the offered properties, interest in the area is remarkable. Our analysis indicates that market rates are moving in the range of € 900 to € 1100 per square meter for one and two bedroom apartments.

-          Strelbishte district

Strelbishte is one of the popular areas to live in Sofia city. The location is very pleasant between boulevard  “Bulgaria” which provides quick and easy access to every part of the city. And on the other side every resident of Strelbishte district can find silence and tranquility in the face of South park. The area has a well developed infrastructure and offers a wonderful living atmosphere. There is a great variety of buildings – constructions from 80s to luxury and contemporary buildings. The niche which connect South park and boulevard “Bulgaria” is called “Nishava” street – where most of the shopping centers, markets and offices are situated.

The region never stop to evolves and that is why the interest from investors  here is undying. Pricing levels of offered properties starts from € 780 to € 850 per square meter for newly brick buildings. And  € 600 to € 700 euros per square meter for old buildings from late 80s and 90s.

-         Gotse Delchev district

Gotse Delchev is located in the Southern part of Sofia city. Near South park, boulevard “Bulgaria”, boulevard “Todor Kableshkov” and trade center “Bulgaria Mall”. Numerous restaurants, cafes, kindergartens and schools are some of the advantages that Gotse Delchev district offers to it’s residents.  The location is the area is characterized by harmony and beauty of nature combined with comfort and quick access to central parts of the city.

With the passage time Gotse Delchev becomes a very attractive area for construction companies and investors. There are established many new buildings that modernize the look of one of the oldest neighborhoods in Sofia city.

Based on received inquiries from Cash4Bulgarianproperties clients, we can conclude the interest of the area is rising. Generally the most demanded are studios and one – bedroom apartment. Most of the investor are looking apartments from themselves and a little part of them are looking to buy and let. Price levels in Gotse Delchev vary from  € 600 to € 680 per square meter for old buildings and € 750 to € 800 per square meter for new buildings.

-         Krastova vada district

Krastova vada is one of the fastest growing new neighborhoods in Sofia. It has a very convenient location, away from the urban environment in the same time with a very good communication to the central part of Sofia city. Krastova vada district is locked between South park, boulevard “Cherni vruh” and the Ring road.

Krastova vada gradually has formed as preferred location for the construction of houses, gated complexes and business developments. In the area are situated some of the famous gated communities:  “Silver city” complex, “Vitosha tulip”complex and “Sofia gardens” complex. The biggest and most visited trade center in Sofia – “Paradise center” is located in the area. Also new metro station will take place in the underground of the Mall. All this advantages make Krastova vada district more preferred place for living in Sofia.


Area is built up mainly with new brick buildings which corresponding to the modern requirements in the construction. Property price levels starts from € 700 per square meter and rising depending on the standard of the finishing works and furnishing.

South park will always remain one of the destinations for rest and relaxation in Sofia city. Just take a walk and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the park. Properties and districts around South park are and will be most preferred places for living in Sofia, because this areas are successful combination of hectic city life and tranquil atmosphere of South park.


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